How to Smooth Drywall Texture for Bathroom Built-Ins

We are plugging right along on our bathroom built-in project — last week we showed you how we installed a pocket door (and why we chose a pocket door over a barn door) and this week, we’re to the next step: cutting the hole, adding framing, and patching drywall. As we adding framing and finished the drywall for the built-in shelves (plus added little extra something for a future add-on), we also updated the wall around the built-ins and in the rest of the bathroom with smooth drywall texture over the previous textured wall. Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to our channel to see more as we finish this project!

Framing for Built-In Shelves Between the Studs

Every situation will be a little bit different due to construction techniques, age of the house, etc. for removing drywall and adding framing. If you have questions about what framing or additional support might be needed for built-in shelves between the studs, be sure to check with a contractor and get a second opinion. The video shows the framing studs we added, plus a hint about why we added a couple of extra boards to the top and bottom of our cut-out drywall opening.

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Tips For Cutting And Removing Drywall For Between The Studs In Wall Built In Shelf Cubbies #remodelaholic

DIY Smooth Drywall Texture over Existing Wall Texture

We showed you a little bit in this retrofitted drywall post about our process for finishing drywall with a smooth texture, and we’ve done this before in our girls’ room and loved it, so we’re willing to put in the effort to update each of the rooms as we work on them. Updating drywall to have a smooth texture takes a bit of work and practice, but it’s totally worth it to be able to do it yourself — especially for smaller projects like this. While there are definitely good reasons to hire out drywall work to a pro (for either an update or a new wall), if you’ve got the patience (and the projects) to be able to gain experience through practice, we highly recommend it.

Wondering how to update wall texture? See how we went from a dated rough texture to smooth drywall texture in our bathroom while adding built-ins between the studs, including our experienced tips, recommended tools, and materials for DIY drywall projects. #remodelaholic

Recommended Tools and Materials for Smooth Drywall Texture

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Along with patience and practice, do-it-yourself smooth drywall finish takes quite a few specific tools for the job, like the drywall sanding vacuum attachment that is worth EVERY penny! plus a few others that are worth it in most any DIY project, like a drill driver combo. The initial investment is totally worth it in the money saved by learning to DIY drywall, though! Most of these tools and supplies will last for years and through many projects, especially if you treat them right and clean them well after use. See the full list of drywall supplies we recommend (or have on our wishlist) here in our Amazon shop.

We are getting SO close to finishing up the built-in shelf between the studs in the bathroom! And now it’s getting warm so we might turn to some outdoor projects… or we might just enjoy that we can open the windows and let in some not-freezing fresh air as we work inside! What are you working on, and what would you like to see us work on next? Leave us a comment!

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