How to Build a Fire Pit

See how to build a fire pit using a DIY fire pit kit. It was pretty simple and looks amazing!

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how to build a fire pit, from Remodelaholic

We partnered with Pavestone to try their DIY fire pit kit to perfectly match our curved retaining wall/bench. This post contains affiliate links; learn more and read our full disclosure policy here

As part of our backyard plan at the Canyon House, we knew we wanted to build a fire pit. Nothing says summer like roasting s’mores and hot dogs!

You can build a fire pit using regular retaining wall blocks, too, but the kit makes it easy — no mortar, no cutting blocks, and the fire pit insert is included in the kit.  Plus, the tumbled stone looks great!

Add some easy outdoor lighting or take it up a level and build an amazing fire pit pergola for swings and hammocks!

How to Build a Fire Pit

using a Pavestone DIY Fire Pit Kit

Note: The exact kit we used is no longer available. Pavestone’s updated kit looks exactly the same, just the insert is different. See more fire pit inserts and fire pit kits here. 

DIY Fire Pit Materials

The dimension of the fire pit kit is a 46″ outside diameter.

How to build a fire pit: step by step process

(1) Prepare the base.

You can install the fire pit on concrete like we did, or on soil/grass/etc.

For our fire pit concrete base, I had to lay a little bit more concrete to complete the circle.

See how we installed our own concrete patio here

fire pit kit how to from Remodelaholic

DIY fire pit from a kit by Remodelaholic

I added two pieces of rebar to the patio to tie the new piece in.  This will keep them from settling apart from each other.

how to use a kit to build a fire pit from Remodelaholic

This half circle was about 4 bags.  A lot easier than the 200+ for the entire new concrete patio!

building a DIY fire pit from a kit, Remodelaholic

I smoothed it out and let it dry.

how to build a fire pit with a concrete base, from Remodelaholic

How to build a fire pit from a kit, Remodelaholic

(2) Stack the blocks together.

After about 3 days I was able to start stacking the fire pit blocks together.

All you need to do is alternate the pattern on each layer as you see here.

Center the blocks for the second row over the seams on the first row for a nice, even look.

Secure them with construction adhesive, as directed in the installation instructions.

Pavestone fire pit kit tutorial from Remodelaholic

(3) Add a top cap, if desired.

The fire pit kit makes it easy to stop here — just add the insert!

We had some leftover stone from the retaining wall and my wife had the great idea to match the fire pit to the retaining wall. Also, the added height a top cap would give seemed safer for our toddlers.

How to build a fire pit from a kit, Remodelaholic

We evenly spaced the rectangular pieces then cut each triangular-shaped piece to fit its space.

See this DIY Fire Pit post for how to get the triangular-shaped pieces cut just right.

Fire pit kit tutorial from Remodelaholic

(4) Add the insert and enjoy!

We have had a blast roasting marshmallows and enjoying time around the warm fire!

how to build a fire pit from a kit, by Remodelaholic

And we LOVE the finished look of the curved retaining wall and fire pit together!

how to build a fire pit from a Pavestone kit, by Remodelaholic


How to build a curved retaining wall and matching fire pit using Pavestone blocks, from Remodelaholic

 So what do you think of the curved retaining wall and fire pit kit?  Together, they are definitely the crown to the whole backyard project!!

To see the final patio, see our fall color post.

Just like our backyard went from basic to beautiful, we want to help you do the same with your home and yard.

Please come follow along with us for all sorts of basic-to-beautiful projects. Find us on InstagramYouTubePinterest, and Facebook.

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How To Build A Fire Pit From A Kit, From Remodelaholic

First published 19 Sept 2013 // Last updated 29 Jan 2021

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