5 Backyard Activities for Lazy Summer Days

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Summertime is the season of vacations, family time, and swimming, but we all have these lazy summer days that all we want to do is stay home and relax. Here are 5 backyard activities to keep your kids (and you!) busy this summer while staying at home.


1. Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Have a concrete patio, a concrete driveway, or a sidewalk lining the front of your home? They can become beautiful with the help of chalk paint and your kids’ creativity. Whip up a few batches of chalk paint in different colors and hand them to your kids.  They’ll love it. Or just buy new sidewalk chalk paint; it’ll be just as much fun.



2. Balloon Ping Pong

Ping pong is a fun and competitive game, but it can be too fast for younger kids to play. How about playing a game of balloon ping pong? Blow up a balloon and give your kids paddles made of paper plates and popsicle sticks. Cheer them on as they swat the balloon from side to side.


3. Backyard Camping

Camping is definitely a summer pastime, but you don’t have to drive hours and hours to a campsite to get the camping experience. Try backyard camping, which you can still do even if you don’t have a tent. Hang up a couple of sheets and fire up the grill and relax together. When it’s time to go to bed, simply go back inside!



4. Paint Flower Pots

Make gardening fun by painting flower pots together. Turn your flower pots into people by painting on faces and then watching their “hair” grow from the seeds that you plant into them. They’ll look great lined up in your backyard and your kids will enjoy checking on them and watering them throughout the summer.



5. Outdoor Chalkboard

If you have a small yard, it can be hard finding backyard activities that can be done in a smaller space. This DIY outdoor chalkboard is a great solution to that problem! You can create your own outdoor chalkboard with plywood, outdoor paint, and sanded grout. Hang it up on your fence and then whenever the laziness hits you this summer, you can just give chalk to your kids and watch them create beautiful outdoor art.



Sometimes, lazy summer days are the best! What other backyard activities do you love doing with your kids when it’s warm outside?

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