How to Decorate A Christmas Tree; Step by Step; Day 8

You guys, I thought it would be fun this year to show you how I decorate my Christmas tree, step by step.  I realize everyone’s aesthetic is different and Christmas trees vary greatly, but I am hoping this might be helpful if you are looking to decorate your tree with a full, elegant Christmas tree kind of style.

First though, I have to just say that I am LOVING my tall ceilings because it is SO fun to have a big huge 9′ tree!  It is just so grand, I really love the presence it has in our living room!  We got the tree from Tree Classics, it is the 9′ Classic Noble Fir Christmas Tree, and I LOVE how the tree branches look real.  It is my favorite part about the new tree, because so many people have actually asked, is this real?

Side-note: I’m too lazy for real trees.  I want to buy it once and have it there forever.  Also, I love to set my tree up early.  I learned the hard way that setting up a real tree too early is a BAD thing.  We got a real tree the first year we were married, and it was SO dead be Christmas, that pretty much every single needle fell off trying to get it out of the house- all the sap and worrying about burning down the house, never again… I will happily go with an artificial tree for the rest of my life!  Also, can I admit we put this baby up Mid November??  A real tree would be dead by now.

Let’s be clear, putting the tree up was about as far as my Christmas Spirit lasted that far in advance,  and I didn’t decorate it for a full 2 weeks, til I realized I had to in order to actually get this post up, since it is part of a parade of trees!  On the bonus side of things, the tree itself is gorgeous with or without ornaments, it is so FULL that it looked great on it’s own for those two weeks!

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How to Decorate an Elegant Christmas Tree

Even though I live in a relatively modern styled space, I like to keep my Christmas tree traditional!  I like it elegant and classy.  Maybe someday I will try a hot pink Christmas, but for now, I don’t want to have to completely start over, purchasing new ornaments, and then having to store them, so traditional it is!!  (With one little, easy twist at the end!)  I decided making a video would be the funnest way to make this a special and helpful post, please subscribe to Remodelaholic on YouTube we share weekly videos and sometimes more!

Step one: Tree topper and Skirt

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Let’s get these two things on the tree and done.  We don’t want to knock off all the ornaments, while wrangling on the tree topper or climbing under the tree to add a skirt.  I used the tree skirt I made last year, no sew, 5 minutes tops!  For the topper I used an angel that we have had since I was 12 it is fun for me, but of course feel free to use what you think will look best on the top of the tree.

Now I will admit, I really wanted to create a special tree holder this year, but I haven’t quite done it yet!  If I get around to it I will (obviously) let you now.  If not then it can wait til next year.  (something like this if you are not sure what I am talking about…)49cef6f0efa49a6bca23d36780d5dacf

Image source

Step Two: Ribbons and/or Garlands

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Next, I put our ribbons on.  I like to put my ribbons on in a zig-zag pattern, instead of all going in one direction, so that it doesn’t feel off balance.  If you are using more than one style of ribbon, be sure to mix it up so both the top and bottom of the tree have both styles.

Be sure to work your ribbon both in to the center of the tree and outside on the end of some branches.  Do not just put the ribbon on the outside layer, you want to create some dimension, by moving both “inside” and on the outer layer of the tree.

If you have special garlands right now would be a great time too add it, so that you don’t have to work around ornaments. *if it is small garland and would do well on the end of a branch, you can wait until a little alter.


TIP: Step back often and look at the overall tree.  You want to make sure there are not big bald spots and that everything looks even and balanced.

Step Three: Sprays or Picks

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Sprays and picks are an easy way to add interesting texture to your tree.  You can put them on using a pattern, like a diamond one on each corner, or using a zigzag form to place the sprays.  This is a good time to break the conical plane of the Christmas tree and add some dimension.


Step Four: Large Scale Ornaments

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Don’t overlook having some large scale ornaments.  Having different shapes and sizes really adds interest to your tree.  I got some really large 8 inch ornaments at Walmart several years ago.  The trick when putting these on your tree is to actually work them into the branches (especially bald spots where you can see the tree trunk, if your tree is not as dense).  Try to avoid, hanging them on the end of branches, this will make these large ornaments feel less grounded and unsupported.

And other benefit of placing them in the branches of the tree rather than on the end, is that they become the perfect reflector for lights.

TIP: Keep your first main layer of ornaments in one general color, for example I used the color gold.  That way, when you add an accent color you will have an even base coat of color for your tree, and will need fewer accents.

Step Five: Special or Sentimental Ornaments

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Now is the time to place your very special ornaments on the tree, to make sure they have a prominent place.  If you have some special ornaments either because of sentimentality or beauty now is the time to put them on the tree.  I have some really gorgeous, new glass ornaments that I wanted to make sure had a place of honor so I added those on next to make sure they had an even distribution around the tree.

Step Six: Filler Ornaments

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If you feel like your tree still needs a bit of filler, now is the time to add several different scales of round ornaments inside the branches of the tree to help with reflecting light and filling up blank spaces.  Notice I am still not hanging my ornaments out on the ends of the branches, we are almost there!)

Step Seven: Accent Ornaments

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At this point I could have been done with my tree, it looked beautiful with a mostly gold color theme.  So if you are happy, feel free to stop and enjoy your tree!

However, in the spirit of always wanting to over stuff my tree with BEAUTIFUL ornaments, I wanted to throw in a special non-gold accent.  For me that was white and black ornaments.  I got a different assortment of ornaments, mostly just at a local store, but my favorite accent is the houndstooth black and white ornaments I ordered a few weeks ago.

I was able to use these accents pretty sparingly since my tree was evenly filled, but it added a big effect since my tree was full and the overall effect is that the accent pieces seem to fill up the tree (this without having to buy a million new ornaments…so I guess I could do a hot pink Christmas after all!)

ENJOY your elegant Christmas tree!!

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There is a giveaway on Tree Classics, if you would like a new Elegant Christmas tree enter to win !

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* Thank you to Tree Classics for providing the tree!  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m so glad you liked our Classic Noble Fir, Cassity! Let me just say, it looks right at home beside your grand fireplace. Thank you for the step-by-step decorating guide. I’m sure your readers, and ours, will find them useful for the holidays!

  2. How do I start to make my tree pop this year I have special things my grown boys made and old ornament too do I need to leave all those off and just use balls I use colored lights also thanks for any help ps how do you hang balls in numbers or sets of red green blue