Cooking Up A Kitchen

Our new house is slowly limping along!  (this is the real world people! not HGTV!)  I am excited to start sharing some projects with you soon-ish!  I would say the upstairs is about 65% done.  We have most things in place, including the painters tape that I put up before Memorial day, but we still need to paint the walls (in my defense, they are going to be white, and they are primed white now… soooo, all’s well that ends well right?)

It may sound strange, but after you’ve lived IN and THROUGH a big remodel you will understand.  One of the highlights of living through no place for anything to be stored, is getting real life cabinets installed.  You know, a place that you can put stuff away in?  A place for your pots and pans to live…Makes me want to sing (to Les Mis) “There is a kitchen on a cloud, I like to get there when I eat….”   I am telling you it is magical!!

When we first moved into the house we thought we would keep our kitchen and just paint.  But the whole kitchen was handmade by the last owner and it was literally 16 foot long single cabinets, there was nothing modular.  We were planning on making a few simple changes to help the flow of the space.  However, because of the way they were built, the small changes we would have liked to make were not possible.  Here are a couple a before shots so you can see the way it looked.

before birch house 012 (2)

before birch house 004 (2)

Ultimately, we decided, we would start from scratch.  We choose to go with Ikea kitchen cabinets and we are SO happy we did.  We went in mid summer (right when we bought the house last year) and were able to get 20% off our whole kitchen, which was a HUGE savings!!   The cabinets are SO easy to put together.  Literally, one day we had no kitchen one day and a day after we had this AMAZING kitchen.  It was that fast!! (Of course we had to wait on measuring for counters, but who cares about a small wait for counters when you finally have a drawer to keep your silverware in…  And literally, all the features are amazing, want to know some of our favorite features?
  • We LOVE our soft close drawers and doors!
  • All the organization options that can be added
  • My pantry with pull out drawers
  • Fabulous Counter-tops
  • The hidden dish washer
  • We actually even used it as a built-in for our girls bedroom closets which I LOVE, check it out on instagram, we aren’t quite done, but it is amazing!

EDIT: After I posted more about our pantry organization, we got lots of questions about our cabinets and the pull-out drawers! This is the comparable pantry cabinet from IKEA’s new line. 

Here we are today, still tons to do (like put the kickplates up, tile, decorate…  But it is a functioning, glorious kitchen (with blue painters tape for good measure!)


Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Anyway, have any of you tried out the new METOD Kitchen range line at Ikea?    I had to share this great video, in partnership with Ikea, about the Metod Kitchen range. The film, literally cooks up a kitchen, using miniaturized IKEA products as raw ingredients!   The video highlights the fact that the new METOD range of kitchens can be put together according to every person’s own, taste. SO CLEVER!

METOD is a modular kitchen system that allows for easy installation, efficient measurement and accessible combinations of doors, interior fittings, hinges, colors, drawers and frames, plus lots more.  Find all “the ingredients” to the IKEA METOD Kitchen in the 2016 IKEA Catalog.

METOD kitchen


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Cassity Kmetzsch started Remodelaholic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodelaholic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up again to not only add function but beauty to her home. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 homes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a house a home is her favorite hobby.

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  1. Do you have more pictures? I would love to see the dining area and what you did to it. I hope you didn’t tear out the built-in breakfront. 🙂

    1. We moved it. That little hutch was my favorite feature the house, but the dining room was too small so we removed it (very carefully and put it on the other side of the room! I will try to show more pictures soon!

  2. Gorgeous kitchen! How did you set the entire cabinet bank back into the wall so deeply like that? We are looking at purchasing a fixer with a small kitchen with no real ability to alter the footprint of that room. If we could find a way to set the cabinet bank along the outside wall back even a foot it sure would make a difference. I love what you have done!

    1. We knocked out that wall and cantilevered it over the exterior because we have 4 foot roof overhangs, so we did later the footprint of the kitchen by about 2 feet!

  3. Cassity, your kitchen is SPECTACULAR!!! What a WOW with all the windows! I am incredibly thrilled with and for you! Yes, lots of exclamation marks and it deserves a gazillion more. How wonderful!!!

  4. Just curious what you did to “condition” the beams/ceiling or are they new? We just tore out 2 walls and re-doing everything in our early 1800’s farmhouse…..going to expose the beams on the ceiling & all 4 corners so just curious what you did, if anything….thanks so much, looks awesome! Geri

    1. Geri, This was the bottom of old roof, and we did absolutely nothing…. It is raw like it was when we exposed it. Which means there is even some water stains, but overall it is So charming that we kept it exactly how it is. We love the existing color but want to be able to paint down the road *IF* (that is a big if) we ever get tired of it, so I didn’t want any stain that might cause problems to paint.

  5. Hi I just found your post on Pinterest, we’re the pull out drawers from Ikea as well? We are in the final stages of a kitchen remodel & loved the pull out shelves of yours!

    1. Yes the drawers are from Ikea! We love them. We are glade you found this post helpful! Good lock with your new kitchen. Please come back to our blog fo more helpful info.