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Check out our basement remodel progress! In this basement bedroom, we soundproofed the ceiling and added new lighting, but we’re keeping the original built-in storage.

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Basement Bedroom Remodel

I hadn’t shown you this room before this vlog because it was acting as a storage room for us. Not much to look at!

But now we’ve reorganized and this basement bedroom is ready for a moment in the spotlight.

1960's Basement Bedroom Remodel With New LED Lights And Ceiling #remodelaholic

The Ceiling

Usually basement ceilings are a given, but we chose to leave the ceiling open in the main areas of this basement remodel. (See more about that decision here.)

This bedroom, however, is located below the kitchen so we had kitchen plumbing we wanted to keep hidden in a traditional drywall ceiling.

We also wanted to dampen the sound from the kitchen above so that the person sleeping in this room had some soundproofing to not hear every single footstep in the kitchen.

We added some extra insulation with noise-cancelling features as well to help with the soundproofing.

See how we sound-proofed our master bedroom, too.


Basement Lighting

While we were remodeling the ceiling, we added our new go-to thin ceiling lights (read more about those here).

This basement bedroom originally only had ONE light fixture, so upgrading to the new lights gave us a lot more light, plus concentrated light over the built-in corner area (that will someday be more like a wardrobe closet, we think) — check it out in the video.

Basement Bedroom Remodel In 1960's Basement With Original Built Ins #remodelaholic

The Built-In Storage

One nice feature of our 1970’s house is that most houses built during that time have lots of built-in storage.

We’ve had to revamp some of the built-in storage in this house to modernize and open up the floor plan (like this hutch), but in this room, we are keeping the original built-ins, at least for now. We’ll need to adjust the doors and probably replace the hardware.

While we were doing the drywall, we decided to add a little built-in storage nook where we can add some shelves for books and decor, too. Because why not? (See that in the video, too.)


This room is ready for carpet now! Which is really exciting to reach that point in a long basement remodel project.

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1960's Basement Bedroom Remodel With New LED Lights, Built In Storage #remodelaholic

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