Workshop Organization: Sturdy Mobile Clamp Rack and Tool Storage System

As we’ve worked on more and more projects in varying sizes and difficulty levels, we’ve accumulated a large collection of clamps. I love having them available to use, but keeping them organized and finding a good clamp storage system has been something I’ve really needed to add to my shop ever since we started cleaning it up. This sturdy mobile clamp rack (with additional tool storage space) fits all 50+ of my clamps of different shapes and sizes and makes the perfect tool to talk about in this workshop organization post!

Organize your woodworking clamps and tools with this sturdy mobile clamp rack and tool storage system. Perfect for clamp storage and tool organization. #remodelaholic

Having all of the clamps stored together, neatly organized, has been amazing. And having them all on a mobile tool organizer has saved me a lot of steps back and forth across the workshop — I can just wheel the clamp storage rack near my work area, whether I’m using the cupboard workbench along the wall or building on the table saw workbench, or even out in the driveway if needed. Check it out and let me know what you think! (PS: Subscribe to our YouTube channel here, too, for more videos about organizing our work area, building, and more.) Ready to watch the workshop organization video? Let’s go.

Mobile Clamp Storage Rack + Tool Organizer

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This Rockler Pack Rack is a great versatile storage solution for clamps and other tools — and if you’re just starting out, it’s a great excuse to expand your tool and clamp collection, too! Click here to buy one for your shop, and be sure to check out this post as well to see how I modified the Pack Rack with a dust collector system to keep the shop cleaner, too.

All Clamps On The Back

How do you keep your shop clean, organized, and functional? We have been working hard on a few projects plus more organization for the shop — we can’t wait to show you!

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Mobile Clamp Storage + Dust Collector

All Clamps On The Back

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