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I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about color, lately.  It’s been so fun finding pictures of different shades of color for my Color Files.  (Check out the best blacks and grays.)  I’ve LOVED reading all your comments and ideas about implementing color in your homes!  Well, I have a colorful surprise up my sleeve that I’m saving for later, today, but until then I have a colorful bedroom makeover to share with you.

gray and orange boys room (1)

Before it’s transformation, this room was painted a safe shade of tan.  But the owners decided it was time for a change, and that change came with a burst of saturated colors.  The addition of vibrant colors brought new energy to the space, and totally changed the feel of the room.  Color can do that!  The combination of gray and orange is a fun look that I’ve been admiring for a while.  Check out a few designer takes on this look (click on the pictures to go to original source):

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Gray and Orange Collage 2


Gray Orange collage 1

Now, let’s go see how Tracie used gray and orange to update her son’s room.  Take it away, Tracie!


Submitted by:  Cleverly Inspired

gray and orange boys room (23)

It is hard to believe….my bear is in 7th grade this year. He is turning into such a kind and funny young man. I was thrilled to work on his room with him this summer. We made it into a space that is creative and fun…but at the same time peaceful and “chill” as he would say. Here are some pictures of the reveal…..

gray and orange boys room (4)

Before the room was brown and kind of beat up. We took some time to fix the walls…I repainted all the trim also. The carpet needs to be replaced…but we got a fun new area rug for the time being.

gray and orange boys room (3)

His large sleigh bed took up so much room….so I decided to replace the bed. I made this bed with Purebond plywood and some steel pipe. It is a hip new look….for not much cash. Easy project too! The bed is “framed” with some cedar planks that I nailed to the wall. In the center is some fun action shots of him playing.

gray and orange boys room (2)

The gray on the wall plays nicely with the pops of blue and orange. It feels very fresh and fun!

gray and orange boys room (1)

The “chill zone” is a definite favorite. The orange futon can pull out for any overnight guest. It has also become nice spot to sit and read. All his year books are displayed on a custom made shelf. Above that I painted a square blue and stuck on some corkboards for him to collect is snapshots ….

gray and orange boys room (6)

gray and orange boys room (5)

gray and orange boys room (8)

gray and orange boys room (7)

gray and orange boys room (10)

gray and orange boys room (11)

gray and orange boys room (15)

gray and orange boys room (14)

gray and orange boys room (18)

The custom made lighting is one of my favorites.  Click on the link for a tutorial.

gray and orange boys room (19)

gray and orange boys room (21)

The room is a true reflection of the bear. It is so fun, creative and full of all the things he loves.

Where I found some things for this room:

The color on the walls is Cement Gray by Martha Stewart (glidden paints)

Orange futon is from Target.

Bball mural is PBTeen

Bamboo Shades from Overstock.com

Jean area rug from the Home Depot

Bedding is Tommy Hilfiger at TJMaxx

All pillows are from Target or Homegoods

More projects coming soon from this room redo!

Here are some other post about his room project:



DIY metal hanging Lights

What a great hangout space for your son, Tracie!  Love those colors!  Here are a few more color inspirations at Remodelaholic:

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  1. Trish says

    I am in love with this room. We are moving and I will be using this renovation as an inspiration for my teen sons room. Do you mind sharing exactly how you made the bed? I know it was with the steel rods and pure bond plywood, but could you give a description? Thanks

    • Cass says

      Hi Trish! This is from one of our fabulous guests, so if you’ll click over to her blog (linked up toward the top) then I believe she has a tutorial there, or at least can give you more info. Thanks!


    • Cass says

      Hi Jojo,
      The list at the bottom of the post says it from Target, but since this was several years ago, it’s not stocked there anymore :(. If you’ll message me over on Facebook with what you’re looking for in a similar sofa (color, style, etc) I can post and maybe our readers can help! http://www.facebook.com/Remodelaholic

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