Valentine Paper Curl Wreath Tutorial


Okay, I haven’t made a wreath since last spring (if I am remembering right)  And I think they are fun, so I decided to make another one.  I saw the idea on Better Homes and Gardens for a paper curls wreath and I loved it, plus it helps me to use up my old scrap book paper supply, which is not being used other wise!  Who else is no longer scrappin’, by show of hands? (but don’t hold your hand up, too long, cuz I can’t see you, and your arm will get tired)

Anyway, here it is!  I made this last night, and it was super fast! 

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (19)


Valentine Paper Curl Wreath Tutorial

12 sheets of 12 x12 Scrapbook paper, (not cardstock!)
Scissors or bone tool
Paper cutter
Styrofoam wreath form (16”)
Straight pins
Fabric in similar color to wreath

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Start by wrapping your wreath form with a similar color to your paper.  Then set aside.

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (5) pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (6)

Cut your 12 sheets of paper into 1/2” by 12” strips.  I cut 2 sheets at a time.  (next time I might do a little less thick strips, somewhere  around 3/8”).  I used about 3/4 solid colored paper (but printed) and 1/4 contrasting light paper.  I feel like it was a good balance.  Fold the 12” strips in half.

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (2) pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (1)

Begin curling your strips.  I found that holding my scissors at about a 45 degree angle with the paper helped to make the curls long, rather than just curling onto themselves.

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (9)

When curling the paper, start in the center and do one side, then curl the other side. so you have two curls per strip, this will help you fill up the wreath faster!

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (7)

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (8)

I curled a good amount of my paper first.  And while it is hard to tell, I keep the colors separate in 4 piles.

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (11)

Once most of my paper strips were curled, I took the form and using just one color I evenly distributed that color around the entire wreath, using straight pins.

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (12)

Once, that first layers was on the entire wreath,  I continued to fill in blank spots with the other two solid colors.  Trying to fill in both the front and two sides of the wreath.  Once the wreath was filled in, I begin to use the contrasting color.  I made sure that it was even distributed around the wreath.

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (13)

When that was all done, I curled a bit more paper and filled in any extra blank spots (especially on the bottom of the sides), and Ta-Da!  I was done!

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (14)

pink-paper-curl-wreath-valentine-wreath-tutorial (18)

What do you think of the  paper curl wreath tutorial?  If you wanna see another great idea for a Valentine wreath check out the argyle valentine wreath I made last year and the cupcake liner heart from a few years ago:


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  1. Crystal says

    Love it!!! I too have a bunch of scrapbook paper not being used (I went to digital scrapbooking which I LOVE). Definately going to try to make this wreath. It turned out so cute!!

    • says

      It really is such a great way to use up paper! I don’t scrapbook either anymore, I blog oops!…. I need to have my blog printed into a book, I’d feel so accomplished!

  2. Becky says

    Love this idea! Got any suggestions for doing this where it would be safe on the exterior side of a front door, or is this an interior wreath idea?

    Also, can you add my email so that I can get updates from your blog. I love so much that you’ve posted and would love to see more as you add it. Thanks!!

    • says

      It may not last more than one season, but it depends on how much weather your front door sees… But you could always make another wreath out of the form if it doesn’t last for very long. Good luck! ( I entered your email, but you will have to activate in by following the link in the email you get, be sure to check your spam if you don’t see it in your inbox)

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