10 Science Books 3-6 Year Olds Will Love

Reading picture books together is the perfect way to supplement your child's education. Here are 10 science books your pre-reader will love! 10 Science Books 3-6 Year Olds Will Love - Tipsaholic, #science, #kids, #education, #preschool, #sciencebooks




Reading books out loud to young children is a great way to introduce new concepts and reinforce learning.  Picture books for pre-readers are specifically designed to be read aloud while engaging young kids.  Science doesn’t have to be complicated or boring, and reading about scientific ideas together can help kids feel more confident about what they learn.  If you’re not sure where to start, here are 10 science books 3-6 year olds will love.


Reading picture books together is the perfect way to supplement your child's education. Here are 10 science books your pre-reader will love! 10 Science Books 3-6 Year Olds Will Love - Tipsaholic, #science, #kids, #education, #preschool, #sciencebooks


1. What is Science? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich –

From soil to rocks, hurricanes to airplanes and planets and stars, science is all around us!  This book is a charming introduction to science told through rhyming verse and colorful, cute illustrations.  Kids will be delighted to learn that science is a part of the world they already know.


2. Clouds by Anne Rockwell –

Your children will love applying what they learn in this book all about watching the clouds for weather clues!  A basic introduction to meteorology, the simple text is perfect for young children.


3. Dinosaurs Big and Small by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld –

This is sure to be a favorite with kids.  As the book introduces very basic paleontology through pictures and easy to read text, it also compares specific dinosaurs to familiar objects from today.  Kids will retain the information they learn as it is applied to the world around them now.


4. A Germ’s Journey by Thom Rooke, MD –

It’s natural for little kids to wonder how they get sick, and hard for them to relate to something so tiny they can’t even see it!  This funny adventure follows a cold germ on it’s journey, and your child can follow it from sniffle to snuffle to sneeze!


5. My 5 Senses by Aliki –

There is simply no better way to introduce preschoolers to science than by talking about their senses!  After all, what is science but discovery, observation, and hypothesizing through our senses.  Kids will love learning all about what they can discover on their own through delightful pictures and simple text.  They’ll be ready to see, hear, small, taste and touch their way through the scientific process!


6. My Amazing Body by Pat Thomas –

Just think about everything your body can do!  This simple introduction to physical fitness and health science is perfect for pre-readers.  Kids learn about diet, exercise and health in an easily understandable way.  The book also encourages independence by exploring the importance of making good decisions about taking care of their bodies.


7. Motion by Darlene R. Stille –

Think physics is too difficult for preschoolers to grasp?  Think again!  This fun book has bright, graphic images and simple text that explains motion in relatable ways.  Kids learn about movement, speed, force and inertia by thinking about their own motion.


8. Sleep is for everyone by Paul Showers –

Did you know that sleep is part of science?  It’s true!  Kids will particularly enjoy learning about an everyday occurrence that applies to science concepts.  Read lots of eye-opening facts about the science of snoozing.  Help your kids understand the why behind sleep, and bedtime might be even easier!


9. Light by Natalie M. Rosinsky –

Young kids are naturally intrigued by light and its properties, so read this book with them and learn all about the science behind it!  Kids can learn how to make shadows, reflections and even rainbows.  They’re sure to be engaged by the cute illustrations.


10. From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman –

Follow the life cycle of a butterfly with this easy to understand storyline.  A caterpillar come to school in a jar and the class watches as it changes – growing larger and creating a chrysalis – but one day the caterpillar is gone!  Where did it go?  The colorful drawings in this book are eye-catching, and kids will love this basic introduction to metamorphosis.


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