Bright Play Room For Kids; Guest

I saw this lovely playroom for kids on The Perfectly Imperfect Life and had to ask if I could show if off.  I love the colors and storage.  Check it out:

They’re done!  The day bed and the play room are (mostly) done! 
I actually used the comforter from my bed and the pillows from my girls’ beds, so the bedrooms look a bit of a mess, but hey, maybe I’ll decide to keep it this way and get a new comforter for MY room!
Let me give you a tour.  You’ve seen the day bed, but here it is again.  Doesn’t it look nice?
Mr. Harry sure thinks so…


I also grabbed the curtains from the girls’ room and the little boxes that used to hang in my kitchen.  Those boxes were definitely a Eureka! moment.  I was driving down the road, chewing on what I could put there when I realized that the boxes were sitting in the garage doing nothing, but if I were to hang them in the play room, I would have a great little place to put all the girls’ 3-dimensional art work and doo-dads!
And, speaking of art work!  I finished the art wall.  Generally, Thing 1 produces reams of art work each day, but I actually had to harangue her a bit to actually get the wall filled in (and you can see there are actually still two frames empty).

Usually, when I hang frames, I just eyeball it and move them around until I like where they end up.  Which leaves a lot of holes in the wall.  This time, I actually did the responsible, mature thing and created templates and taped them to the wall.  This turned out to be a really smart thing to do because my original plan turned out to require drastic re-working. 
I’ve seen a few bloggers do the template thing, but I might just post on it myself because I ran into a few gotchas that might be good to share.
In addition to the art work, I put up baby pictures of each of us.  Aren’t we cute?


You may have noticed that you’ve only really seen one side of the room.  The left wall has a white board and a chalk board.  I still have some things I want to do with that, so that’s not going to be shared yet.
The wall opposite the bed holds this:    


Notice that the door doesn’t shut all the way?  That’s because it looks like this on the inside:

Actually, it was even worse on the inside.  I had to remove a bunch of stuff to even be able to open the doors.  I think that’s going to be next week’s project.  Should be fun!

But that’s messy.  Let’s finish with something nicer…

Ahhh…ready for my sister’s visit.
I love the day bed, the colors and the art work!  What do you love about this play room?  Do you have any play rooms to show off?

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  1. >I love the cheerful colours, the kids art display, and all that amazingly organized toy/stuff storage. Brilliant!!!

  2. >Great room! I had a daybed growing up and I loved it. I think the baby pictures of you in the room is cute too. I might steal that idea!

  3. >Colorful, happy rooms result in bright, cheerful children. Love this room and all the vibrant colors! Thanks for sharing.