Sweet As Sugar Girl’s Room Design Ideas (On a Budget!)

Hello! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs back to share another budget friendly Mood Board t0 inspire you to tackle a new room in your house this season. I have two sweet little girls at home, and they were in the back of my mind when I created this “Sweet As Sugar” Girl’s Bedroom.

When you are designing for kids, first of all: relax and have some fun!

You can go a little brighter and crazier since kids room are supposed to be fun. But, for the best bang for your buck, try to choose neutral larger pieces, such as a bed or dresser. Then add in some pops of color with bedding and themed artwork. The bigger furniture pieces can last their entire childhood, and when they are ready to go from princess to preteen, some minor changes can give them a whole new look. Mega parent points for that one. So keeping that in mind, here is the Mood Board I created….Oh, and did I mention every item is budget friendly at less than $100?

Decorating a Girl's Room on a Budget | This sweet as sugar girls bedroom combines the girly with the classic for a room that will grow with her into tween and teen years. By Postbox Designs for Remodelaholic.com

Before we break down each item, do you need more inspiration?  Want to find a look that is sweet enough for your little girl, but timeless enough to last for years? Here are some of my favorites, I think I would love to have any of these rooms as much as my two daughters would!

Sometimes you need one graphic element that puts your space over the top. One simple repeating star brings whimsy to this space:

Girls Bedroom, Girls Mood Board, Postbox Designs

Tiny Me

What little girl wouldn’t love a teepee hideaway in her room? And I’m in love with this sweet polka dot pattern:

Girls Room for Girl Bedroom Mood Board, Postbox Designs


This room is the perfect combo of girly charm but sophisticated enough to please a teen:

Girls Bedroom for Girl Bedroom Mood Board, Postbox Designs

Style by Emily Henderson

I went through a stenciling stage in my bedroom as a teenager, but this one is soooo much cooler:

girls room for Girl Bedroom Mood Board,Postbox Designs

Home Furniture

This is a room a little girl can grow up with: I can image a lot of tea parties at this table…

girls room for GirlBedroom Mood Board, Postbox Desings

Home Bunch


Did you find some looks you loved? The Mood Board I created keeps in the sweetness of a girl, but one she can grow with. Want to find out how to put it together? Just click on the links below to take you right there!

Girl Bedroom Mood Board by Postbox Designs

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1. Bedding

I’m a huge fan of Pottery Barn Kid’s Bedding because I think the quality is incredible. This quilt ties in the pinks, aquas, and yellows found in the rest of the room. And the graphic pattern can work just as well for a toddler as a school aged little girl. I love mixing and matching prints to keep the look from getting too predictable.

2. Seating

These Target metal chairs are a hot look right now, and I gave it a little twist by choosing this chair in the “Aquamint” color. Sounds good enough to eat doesn’t it? Again, not only is it pretty, but durable enough to hold it’s own against any kid.

3. Lighting

This sweet little Sloane Lamp brings in some of the metallic elements found in the side table and canopy, plus polka dots ALWAYS work in a kid’s room!

4. Table

I love how this Scalloped Table can work for a young girl or a teenager, plus the gold bling is just plain fun. A metal table is uber practical for cleaning and durability (I know from personal experience).

5. Chandelier

This was the spot where I picked one over-the-top girly girl element for this space. Pink. Crystals. Enough said? Plus, this Target Beaded Chandelier costs under $90 for a focal point that any little girl would love.

6. Paint Color

We have a lot of pinks and aquas going on in this room, so I chose a very pale yellow as a neutral backdrop. It is a color that can grow with her, and it gives a bit of a break for all of the sweet colors used in the rest of the room. This Benjamin Moore color is called simply “Light Yellow”.

7. Bed Canopy

A child’s room should have some magic to it, and what little girl wouldn’t love a canopy for her bed? This can create the perfect make-believe world, or a place to snuggle up and read as she gets a bit older. If your kids happen to share a room, a canopy is a great way to give each child their own personal space.

8. Desk

If you have the space, I love putting a desk into a child’s room. When they are smaller, it works great for craft projects and puzzles. And as they get older it can morph into a homework or reading spot. This white Parsons style desk is a classic.

9. Artwork

A kiddo’s room is the perfect place to use bright pops of color and fun artwork. In fact, you can find me scouring Etsy on a regular basis to pick up some amazing prints at fantastic prices. I adore this inspirational print with a great dose of girl power to it. It would look great framed over the desk, and for less than $5, you can pick up a couple.


Best yet, every item clocks in under $100 (Okay, the Pottery Barn quilt is $107, close enough!)! So save a little money for their college fund, while still giving her the room of her dreams.

Decorate A Girl's Room on a Budget, Postbox Designs

Thanks as always to the amazing Remodelaholic team for letting me hang with y’all today. If you want to check out more Mood Boards, design ideas, and real Postbox Projects, we can be friends over at Facebook and Instagram (where I’m always sharing sneak peeks inside my own home!). And of course, check out oodles more ideas over on Pinterest. Thanks, and happy designing!

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