Get This Look: Bold Jewel Toned Statement Living Room

We’re back today with another ‘Get This Look’ post, this time with a bold jewel toned statement living room from a recent Utah Valley Parade of Homes by Arive Homes. The rich accent colors used in this living room create a glam, sophisticated feel without feeling too stuffy or inaccessible.

Remodelaholic Get This Look Jewel Toned Statement Living Room

It’s easy to incorporate jewel tones like raspberry, emerald, and royal blue into a room when they’re set against a more neutral backdrop. For example, while the raspberry couch in this living room is certainly a focal point, it doesn’t overwhelm the room thanks to the gray and white walls and neutral rug. Anchoring the space with a large abstract painting in your desired color palette also helps the room feel cohesive and well designed.

Want to achieve a similar look in your own living room? Check out our 7 tips below!

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1. Create a Focal Point with an Abstract Art Print

The large abstract art print over the living room fireplace creates a colorful focal point while also providing a convenient color palette for the rest of room’s decor. Learn to make your own abstract painting here, so you can have exactly the colors you want.

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Art Options:Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5

2. Find a Bold Jewel Colored Sofa

Once you select your abstract art piece, then it’s time to hunt for a jewel colored couch like this gorgeous raspberry sofa. Not a fan of pink? Choose another rich color like jade or navy. Either of those options would work just as well in this living room thanks to the abstract painting that ties everything together. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, you’ll also definitely want to peruse our post: Beautiful Sofas for Every Budget and Style.

Remodelaholic Get This Look Jewel Toned Statement Living Room 1

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Sofas: plum sofa, teal sofapink sofagreen sofa, blue sofa

3. Choose a Coffee Table with Unique Legs

Two key design elements make the coffee table work in this space: neutral color and unique legs. The tabletop is classic and simple while the sculpted legs add a sense of personality and style. A black coffee table works well in this space due to the lack of wood accents in the room.

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Coffee Tables:Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5

4. Incorporate Modern Decorative Accents

Remodelaholic Get This Look Jewel Toned Statement Living Room 5

Accents like the trendy pink himalayan salt lamp housed in a classic glass cloche strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional decor. Modern candlesticks and vases help round out the living room’s overall design. And don’t forget a few good coffee table books! Here’s our six step formula for styling the perfect coffee table.

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Decor: glass clocheearthenware vase, modern dog figurine, aluminum candlestick set, himalayan salt lamp

5. Add Texture with Throw Pillows

The different throw pillows give this living room great texture and versatility. When it comes to throw pillows, the more texture variation the better. We love how the faux fur pillows on the side chairs offset the green velvet pillows on the sofa. Can’t find pillows to your liking? Try your hand at making your own with our DIY tutorial.

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Pillows:faux fur pillowvelvet pillow, circle pillow, gold lumbar pillow, black lumbar pillow

6. Select Side Chairs with Personality

Remodelaholic Get This Look Jewel Toned Statement Living Room 3

While these side chairs were likely custom made for the room, you can achieve a similar look by adding a blanket or pillow to an otherwise bland chair. Or switch things up and choose a colorful chair from your established color palette. Interested in trying your hand at reupholstery?  See how you can reupholster living room furniture on a budget.

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Side Chairs:patterned slipper chair, teal side chair, stone tufted armchair, mustard midcentury chair,jade accent chair

7. Finish with a Plush Neutral Rug

Who doesn’t love the feel of a plush rug underfoot? By keeping the rug neutral the colorful seating and abstract painting remain the focal points of the room. A patterned rug is doable but could also potentially clash with the other colors in the room. The grey rug here correlates nicely with the white flooring, mantel, and molding.

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Rugs: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5

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