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Hi friends! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs, Interior E-Design back this month with another FREE custom design just for you guys: a chic neutral small space homework station designed to fit into just 42 inches. I’m an interior designer who specializes only in Online Interior Design. Which means when I’m not designing for my clients all over the country, I’m chasing my three kids around our Michigan backyard. And I work barefoot most days from my Home Office. And now I’m going to have a lot more time to work because… THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL!

Neutral Home Office and Homework Station | Turn a small space into a stylish and useful neutral homework station with these tips and furniture and organizing picks. Perfect for a child's room, home office, or family room area. Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic

A Neutral Homework Station or Home Office You Can Fit Into Just 42″

So, congrats to all of you other fellow parents out there! For parents, this back-to-school time is almost like a second New Year. It is a chance to clean up, re-organize, and start fresh. So while your kids are sporting brand new backpacks and freshly sharpened pencils, let’s talk about how to get a refresh in your home. You know these kids of ours are about to dump papers, artwork, and permission slips into our homes, so let’s be ready for them this year.

With the relaxed days of summer behind us, it is actually a chance to embrace and get excited about some organization in our homes. And I think the perfect way to start this fall season is with a dedicated Homework Station or Home Office. This gives your kids an organized spot to do homework, for parents to work from home, or just to pay the bills and check email.

My Inspiration for Today’s Free Design

Inspiration: Create a Small Space Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season | Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic
image source: Coco and Jack

I fell hard for this dual homework station by Coco and Jack. And I wanted to re-create it for you…on a budget! One thing I love about this space is how simple and neutral it is. Which means it will work for boys AND girls, parents AND kids alike. Also, because it is so neutral it is going to work into a lot of different styles.

Another thing I loved about this space is how simple and small this Homework Station is. You’ll see in today’s design I created a Homework Station & Home Office design that fits in just 42” of space. Which means you can fit it into a kid’s bedroom, a corner of a Living Room, a Kitchen nook, or even a dedicated Home Office room. In my own home, we have our own homework station tucked into our hallway (which I’ve shared here previously).

But before I unveil all of the sources of how to create today’s Free Homework Station & Home Office design…I want to get some ideas flowing! Here are 4 Tips to keep in mind for creating your own Kid’s Homework Station design or Home Office.

4 Tips to Create a Small Homework Station or Home Office

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Home Office Design Tip #1: Think Outside Office Furniture.

If you don’t have a dedicated Home Office and need to tuck a small Homework Station or Home Office into another room, then start with a piece of furniture. Instead of going for a bulky or unattractive office-style desk, try a desk that has more of a furniture-like quality to it. For today’s Mood Board, I used this sleek desk from Target with a built-in drawer. But you can also use a console table, small dining room table, or accent table. Look for a piece of furniture that will fit into the style of your home, so when it is not in use it will blend in.

Likewise, a beautiful chair will automatically make the space more homey. Search in the Dining Room section of a store for something more fun and comfortable than a boring office chair on wheels, like this fun metal chair I used in the mood board.

Inspiration: Create a Small Space Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season | Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic
image source: Jones Design Company

Home Office Design Tip #2: Remember to Have Fun

Whether you are creating a Homework Station or a Home Office, don’t forget to add something fun or whimsical. For smaller children it can be some great and colorful artwork (you can even frame their own artwork). I love these cheeky and bright sign for this kid’s Homework Station shown on Roomor.

For today’s neutral design, I adore the oversized word art print in this original Coco and Jack photo (check out the first photo!) You can re-create this on a budget by purchasing a digital download from Etsy. Choose your phrase and font, and purchase for just a few dollars. Then blow it up to poster size at a local 1-Hour Photo. You have beautiful, custom artwork for a steal.

Inspiration: Create a Small Space Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season | Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic
image source: Roomor

Home Office Design Tip #3: You Can Never Have Too Much Storage

You can never have too much storage. I love in this Home Office by The Every Girl, how she added a simple rolling cart to her space. You can wheel out when needed, then stash away when you are done. Or simply tuck in next to your desk to save counter space.

Look for ways to layer in storage. For today’s Mood Board design, the desk does have a built-in drawer which is nice, but frankly I think most people need more. I found this beautiful gold geometric set of desk accessories that will easily accommodate multiple people. In my home, we have hanging folders similar to these, and each child gets their old folder.

Even though the original inspiration image doesn’t have one, I added one more type of storage into this design. I used a simple zinc wire wall organizer. You can add notes, calendars, or extra storage onto this, without taking up any desk space.

Inspiration: Create a Small Space Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season | Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic
image source: The Every Girl

Home Office Tip #4: Mom Always Told You to Turn On the Light…

Lighting is key: especially if you have a Night Owl. Depending on where you place your Homework Station or Home Office, there may not be enough lighting to really focus on work. So I recommend looking for a spot with an outlet nearby and use a simple table lamp. Tight on space? Try hanging a plug-in sconce on the wall instead to free up your desktop.

Inspiration: Create a Small Space Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season | Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic
image source: Postbox Designs

Grab a Free Homework Station Guide + Shopping List

This room above happens to be my very own kid’s Homework Space! I carved out this triple homework center out of a hallway outside my kid’s bedrooms. Each child has their own chair and station (with their portrait hanging over each station to minimize fighting over whose chair is whose).

If you love this space, I have the entire free Homework Station Guide + Shopping List so you can re-create this budget-friendly Farmhouse Homework Station for yourself. It is hanging out in my Free Resource Library:

Free Farmhouse Homework Station Mood Board + Shopping List

Design Freebie: Re-Create this Neutral Homework Station & Home Office

And finally! I created today’s Free Homework Station & Home Office Mood Board + Shopping List to give you a step-by-step way to create a neutral space for kids and parents alike. This streamlined office can fit into a mere 42″ of space but is still packed out with storage. As you remember we started with this beautiful inspirational room, and here is how I re-created it for you on a budget. Simply click on the items below to take you right to the link. Happy Shopping!

Inspiration: Create a Small Space Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season | Postbox Designs for #Remodelaholic

Gold Chair  |  Pencil Holder  |  Desk  |  Table Lamp  |  Rug  |  Desk Accessories

Wall Organizer  |  Artwork*  |  Paint color: BEHR True White

*This Etsy shop can create a print with your custom saying, font, and size. You can do a similar look to today’s Mood Board, or choose your own phrase!



Want even more ideas for a Homework Station or Home Office?

As a bonus, I have two more Homework Station & Home Office Designs that you can shop for free!

I created this bold, bright and fun Kid Homework Station for you Remodelaholic readers awhile back. This is the opposite of today’s neutral Homework Station, instead this one is as playful as your children. Just click below to take you to the whole blog post, including the Shopping List!

Postbox Designs: Create a Homework Station or Home Office This Back to School Season

10 Items To Create a Fun Kid’s Homework Station

And this Homework Center has more of a Farmhouse style to it-that will work for kids and parents alike:

Postbox Designs: Create a Homework Sta

Get Ready for the School Year with this Farmhouse Home Office

So send those kids off to school with a smile today because you know you are ready this year! Use this time of year as a fresh start to create an organized space for your kids and yourself alike.

If you have any questions about today’s design, Online Interior Design in general, or working with me, you can always email me at and we can chat all about Y-O-U. You can also find out more about Postbox Designs and visit my Free Resource Library! It is chock full of design freebies such as Guides, Worksheets, Mood Boards, Shopping Lists and more.

As always, a huge thank-you to the whole Remodelaholic staff for having me today.



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