Spring Cleaning and Organizing

It’s spring!  I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning and organizing in my house and online here at Remodelaholic.  You’ll be seeing a few changes, and one of them is this Saturday morning post on Spring Cleaning and Organizing.

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to Remodelaholic’s newest contributor, Ruth Harding from A House in Holland.  She’ll be stopping by on Saturday mornings to feature budget friendly home improvement ideas from around the web

Hi, everyone!  I’m Ruth, and here’s a quick introduction before I get to the good stuff–Thrifty Tips for Spring Cleaning and Organizing.  I’m married to a rocket scientist, we have three fun kids and a loveable dog, I’m part of the creative team at Creativity Includedand we’re in the middle of packing up and moving to a new home in a new state.  I’m blogging about the journey of transitioning to a new life and a leaner, greener, cleaner home at A House in Holland.

Have you started your spring cleaning, yet?  We put our house on the market recently, so I was forced to start my spring cleaning early.  Here are some great ideas I discovered to help me get things cleaner and more organized.

1.  Homemade Tub Scrubs.

I had a tub that was wearing a ring of shame, and ordinary cleansers just weren’t cutting it.  I tried out a non-toxic cleaner suggested by Martha Stewart–all the ingredients were in my cupboards, and it erased the grime really well.  If I’d had a grapefruit on hand, I would have loved to try this grapefruit scrub from Apartment Therapy–you actually scrub with the fruit, and I bet it smells ahhh-mazing!

2.  Oven Cleaner Without Toxic Fumes

Cleaning the oven is not something I enjoy, mostly because that freakishly long list of toxic ingredients on the can of oven cleaner scares the socks off me.  Well, next time you have to do that chore, check out the tutorial from DIY Home Sweet Home for cleaning your oven door.  You’ll be amazed by what a little baking soda and water can accomplish.

3.  DIY Stain Remover for Carpet

Stained carpet is a real drag.  It’s astonishing how much better a room feels when the carpet looks and smells clean.  Elizabeth had a big-time spill that stained her carpet, and she figured out a way to clean it up without calling a professional.  She shares the recipe and how-to’s at Lizzy Writes.

4.  Storage for Go-To Items

Decluttering is a big part of Spring Cleaning.  Here’s a way to corral the chaos when it comes to those things that go in and out of your house a lot.  This idea for doing just that comes from The Red Chair Blog, and requires only simple shelving and bankers’ boxes.

5.  DIY Storage boxes

The cost of storage boxes can be a bit high, especially if you are looking for one that is both sturdy and stylish.  I am so impressed with the transformation of former orange boxes into cute storage options by Burlap & Denim.  The chevron pattern looks really good!

6.  Clutter-Busting Corner

You know those school papers and cell phone chargers and magazines and bills sitting on your kitchen counter?  Yes, that one, that you are going to have to move before you can deep clean the kitchen.  Well, Hi Sugarplum!  came up with a fantastic way to deal with that pile.  I especially love the charging station that she DIYed.

I’ll be back next week with ideas for decorating for spring with a little help from Mother Nature.  Enjoy your weekend!

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