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The last owners of our house installed a laundry room upstairs, in addition to the one right off the kitchen.  And while two laundry rooms sound awfully enticing on laundry Mondays, the allure of bags and jackets smartly organized in a mud room had me all weak in the knees.  Here’s what we started with…

April 2009 072
Before moving day, I designed a shelving unit and our contractors brought it to life.  It’s been absolutely perfect and one of the best investments we made since day one.  Here’s round one of the after.
January 2012 090
Pretty awesome…for a few years.  Because, as we lived in the house and used the room, little things started to bug me.  Like the fact that we left a good three feet unused at the top, that we failed to have the electrical box covers painted and that a patch on the wall and the baseboards were never fixed after running some additional electricity down to the basement.
January 2012 087
January 2012 086
So, Honey set to work repainting the room and building two additional rows of cubby holes on top of the existing structure!  Let me present these photos of his two “helpers” to demonstrate just what a kind and patient man he is.  I can barely brush my teeth with their antics, yet Honey can spend three days building and painting a structure with them hanging on his leg.  But I digress…
January 2012 093
January 2012 092
January 2012 089
While the boys hammered away, I really exhausted myself (LOL) by updating the rug from this…
January 2012 094
…to this Target gem that was a steal at $14.99.
January 2012 096
And here’s where we landed with TWO more rows of storage!
mud room 1
mud room 2
January 2012 124
January 2012 103
Those electrical boxes virtually disappear with paint.  SO MUCH BETTER!!
January 2012 112
Our DIY expectations charts are still going strong!
January 2012 099
I changed out the previous catch all for a drawer from my grandfather’s antique sewing desk.
January 2012 113
January 2012 115
The wall next to the door holds a collage of the little’s baby pictures.
January 2012 119
– Wall paint is Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth. Trim and shelving is Benjamin Moore Alabaster.
– Baskets from Target
– Light fixture from Shades of Light (previously located in the guest room of our old house)
– Chalkboard from local boutique no longer in business (previously located in pantry of our old house)
– Gold letters from Ballard Designs but they no longer carry the mini size as far as I’m aware
– DIY expectations charts made by yours truly
And that’s our mudroom, perhaps the most practical, most used room of the whole house!

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I am the husband of the amazing Cassity of Remodelaholic. I love to problem solve and to design and build things inside and outside the house to make life better. I am a professional Landscape Architect by trade and love the outdoors.

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  1. hi! I wondered if after a lot of use…how are the bins holding up? We are putting in a mud room where a closet used to be…and are wanting the bottom bins for shoes…but other wicker bins we have used for the same purpose tend to fall apart after awhile…how have the ones from target held up?