Faux Brushed Nickel Modern House Numbers

Give your home some curb appeal with extra large modern house numbers, in a DIY faux brushed nickel finish. Made from inexpensive basic wood shapes!

Hey There Remodelaholics!

I am Corinna and I blog over at A Designer At Home and For My Love Of. If you remember last time I was here, I shared my Punched Metal Ceiling Light and before that I shared my Reverse Ekby Lerberg Shelf Bracket Hack. I’m still loving both of those projects of mine, but now that it’s summer I’m spending a lot more time outside. And spending time outside means I’ve gotten a good look at the exterior of my home and remembered all those things we said we’d do when we moved in.

Like remove the peel and stick house numbers and put up something cooler. 😉 I think that’s what a lot of us vow to do when we move into a house with those peel and stick numbers.

For today’s tutorial, I’m going to share how I created a faux brushed nickel finish on large wood numbers to create highly visible house numbers (like 14 inches each number kind of visible!).

DIY Faux Brushed Nickel Finish How-To

Supplies Needed:

  • “Looking Glass” Spray Paint
  • White Spray paint
  • Clear Gloss Paint
  • Sandpaper or Sander
  • Large Wood Numbers (cut to the size and font of your liking)

how to create a brushed nickel finish on wood numbers


1. Spray a generous layer of the looking glass spray paint.

2. Sand out any wood grain. If you’ve got an electric sander you could even do this up front. Because I’m sanding my hand I chose to do it after I spray the first coat so that I could really see where the most noticeable points of wood grain were.

3. Spray a very light layer of white spray paint. This will be mostly covered up but will peek through the “brushed” effect.

4. Coat with another layer of looking glass spray paint.

5. Lightly brush over the numbers, in the same direction, with a fine sand paper.

6. Generously coat with a clear gloss paint.

faux brushed nickel finish on wood technique

Hanging Large House Numbers:

You can  hang these house numbers in many, many ways. I chose not to drill into the numbers because I didn’t want to distort the smooth surface. So I chose a heavy duty outdoor double sided tape.

If you’re hanging them onto brick, hold the numbers onto the place you want them hung to get an idea of where to apply the tape. Some bricks stick out further than others and those high points are where the tape needs to go.

hanging large house numbers on brick

Follow the directions for any hanging hardware/tape you use. My tape involved placing the tape on the object, then holding in place on the wall for 30 seconds.

using heavy duty outdoor double sided tape to hang house numbers

I love the impact these giant house numbers have on our porch. Because our front door doesn’t face the street, it’s nice to have a focal point and a touch of drama to the space. You could use this technique on wooden numbers of any size and not even for house numbers specifically. So let the creative ideas flow!

Extra large faux brushed nickel finish modern house numbers -- 14 inches tall!

upgrading peel and stick house numbers to giant faux brushed nickel numbers

My hubby and I have been working on sprucing up our front porch quite a bit lately. I  invite you to check out the first wave of changes we made in Our Front Porch Refresh. I’ve also shared my living room room reveal: a boho vintage space. I would love for you to come on over and check out my blog. A Designer At Home is a brand new blog that I’ve launched and would love feedback, suggestions and for you to see what I’m all about!


More ways to make your house numbers awesome:

build a large house number planterDIY house number planter box sign - Second Chance to Dream featured on @Remodelaholic

put them on a wood screen (which can hide your meters, too!)diy-wood-screen-22

add house numbers to a stair riserWood stair with house number remodelaholic copy


or make them stand out with some inexpensive wood plaqueshouse number plaques

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