DIY Elegant Paneled Wall Treatment

Hello!  I’m Sara from Sincerely, Sara D., and I’m thrilled to be here with you today on Remodelaholic.

I wanted to give my family room an entirely new look, and this DIY paneled wall treatment makes such an elegant statement.

Learn how to install an elegant DIY paneled wall treatment with this step-by-step tutorial, so easy even a beginner can do it!

 I do not claim to be a woodworker, but I am pleased with the result and spent around $300.  

Learn how to install an elegant DIY paneled wall treatment with this step-by-step tutorial, so easy even a beginner can do it!

How to Install a DIY Paneled Wall Treatment

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Here’s what I used:

  • (2) 4.5″ corner blocks like these
  • (20) 1 3/8″ x 8 ft primed base cap molding
  • (15) 4.4″ x 8 ft primed corner blocked square edge
  • (8) tubes of caulk (but I’d recommend using a caulking gun) plus some wood filler
  • (1) gallon of Valspar Reserve Paint in Nightime View

You’ll also need a basic miter saw and a pneumatic nail gun and compressor.


This is what the primed base cap looks like.

DIY Elegant Paneled Wall

And this is the primed corner block square edge.

DIY Elegant Paneled Wall 2

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Elegant DIY Paneled Wall

I began on the top of the wall and worked my wall down.  I cut a piece of the corner block square edge to size and made sure the top piece was level while attempting to have it as close to the ceiling as possible.

Elegant DIY Paneled Wall 2

This is where things get tricky pretty fast.  I cut pieces of the corner caps and created a frame around the corner blocks.  I then cut pieces of the corner block square edge to fit around the framed corner blocks.  I had bigger gaps than I would have liked, but I used caulk to fill those in (again, I am new to solo woodworking)!

Elegant DIY Paneled Wall 3

Once that top part is done, the rest is easy!  I added a piece of the corner block square edge to the bottom of the wall above the existing trim.

I then cut more corner block square edge to frame in the lower portion of the wall.

Elegant DIY Paneled Wall 5

And then framed in the rest of the lower portion with the block square edge.  Then I framed inside that with the trim cap.

DIY Paneled Wall With Remodelaholic

After all the trim was hung, I went through and caulked everything.  This took forever, and I would suggest using a caulk gun over the individual tubes like I did.

Read more: Caulking 101 | How to Caulk + Tips for a Pro Job

Once the caulk dried, I painted the entire paneled wall with two coats of paint.

DIY Elegant Wall Treatment 2 1

I added a couple hanging lamps to both paneled walls, and I was done!

DIY Elegant Wall Treatment 1

DIY Elegant Wall Treatment 2 1

Wall treatments can make a high impact in a space for low cost.  Want more DIY wall treatment ideas?  Check out my square paneled wall tutorial and my shiplap tutorial!


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How To Install An Elegant DIY Paneled Wall Treatment @Remodelaholic

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  1. How did you blend the bottom of the design into your baseboard? I couldn’t see that part of the final project b/c the chairs were in the way in your photos. I want to do a similar focal wall, but don’t want to have to remove the baseboard.

    1. Hello Elisa – if you look at the 2 photos above the first final photo (with the 2 chairs showing the full wall) you can see the bottom horizontal piece that Sara installed right above the existing baseboards. Hope that helps!