$100 Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry makeover, remove door add baskets

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A couple {ok maybe a few} weeks ago, I showed you this BEFORE picture of my Laundry Room.


I told you how this space was really small, dark, and drab and how I planned to make some improvements to lighten it up, create a little more space, and give it some color and style. I posted my inspiration pictures HERE. You can also see more of my inspiration pictures for this space and all of the spaces in my home by visiting me on Pinterest.


Here is an up close of what our cabinets looked like BEFORE


Did you happen to notice the big door in the way?? That was one of the main problems in this space. Both the Hubbs and I couldn’t imagine bringing in a car seat through the garage, through this tiny space and trying not to hit the washer, dryer, and door.  It was too much!
After some creative design planning, searching magazines and online for some inspiration, and then putting everything together, this is what we came up with.  Did I mention that this entire makeover only costs us $100? Well, yes, that’s right! Only $100 and we have a COMPLETELY NEW SPACE!


Have I ever mentioned that my Hubby was in the United States Marine Corps? Well, he was and this was our wedding day/reception. He wore his dress blues and looked oh so handsome J
Here is the ironing board holder we made. You have probably seen these showing up all over blog land after Shelly from {The House of Smith’s} designed one about a year or so ago. We absolutely love ours and thank her for the inspiration! Our ironing board used to sit in another room and we had to drag it out every time we wanted to use it. Now, it is where it should be, looks pretty, and doesn’t take up any floor space. 
Ok, let’s take another look at this space BEFORE and AFTER
So, what do you think? 

We are thrilled with the results and couldn’t be happier that this space looks COMPLETELY different, like another house even, and we did everything for only $100!!!


P.S. the HOME TALK giveaway winner is Sarah (c0mment #99)!  Congratulations!

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  1. What an incredible makeover. It’s amazing what $100 can do. I am so impressed. Love the color on the walls and I especially love that sign…loads of fun…where did you get that? Awesome.

  2. LOVE IT!! I was getting ready to do something similar to mine!
    I have a question. How deep and tall are you cabinets?

    I don’t have any in my laundry and just got some off of craigslist but I was wondering if they were too shallow.

    Do yours sit flat against the wall or do they come out some so you can easily reach them?


    P.S. I have that color in my kitchen and LOVE it!

  3. Love your laundry room. My goal for 2012 is to buy new washer and dryer. These came with the house and probably are over 10 yrs. old. The dryer takes forever to dry. I left a brand new dryer in our former home, wished I had it here. Our laundry room is not really a room, just almost like a closet that houses the washer and dryer and furnace and hot water heater, enclosed by 1977 sliding doors that are 8 ft. high. We have one shelf up but need more. There is some left over pine shelving boards in the garage and we have the metal brackets that could be painted and used for another shelf. The dryer vent goes through the ceiling to attic and out the roof. Stupid but guess that is what they had to do since there is no outside wall to vent the dryer to. I like your storage cabinet and have also thought on those lines. Buy a stock cabinet from HD or Lowe’s and have handyman hang it. Everything would be behind doors and it would look nicer.

    Love you laundry room sign where you have your ironing board hanging. Clever idea! Did you make your sign yourself or buy it like that? No room for ironing board in with the washer/dryer so it goes in linen closet which has one section like a utility area. If I can renovate the laundry area in 2012, I will have the handyman paint it the same color of the hallway walls, which are in beige/taupe color.

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas and projects with us.