11 Ways to Organize the Little Things

11 ways to Organize the Little Things @Tipsaholic #organizing #small #little


11 ways little things

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They say it is the little things in life…

Things such as beads for craft supplies, jewelry such as earrings, and sewing accessories like buttons can easily get lost if there is not a designated place to store them. Check out these tips to learn ways to organize the little things. Many are repurposed items that you might already have on hand. Soon everything small but necessary in your house will have a designated home.


1. Pencil bags

Bags designed to store pencils are always a perfect item to organize little things. Fill it up with the things you need, and toss it into your purse or large bag. The pencil bag keeps everything together.

pencil case


2. Chains

Earrings are always hard to keep track of. Here a simple chain attached to a wall keeps everything visible and easy to match to your next outfit.



3. Tin cans

Cans are easily repurposed to hold desk items and art supplies in an office.

tin can


4. Cupcake or muffin tins

No need to baking anything when putting together this organization trick. A muffin pan can easily be used to separate small items.

muffin tin


5. Spice racks and jars

A spice rack can be used to keep craft supplies easily at hand.

spice rack


6. Decorative trays and bowls

By adding a tray with a decorative bowl, small items are easy corralled while still looking pretty.



7. DIY storage bags

These creative storage containers are easy to make, and add a lot of style to organizing small things.

storage bag


8. Decorated boxes

A divided box covered in pretty paper can easily keep cords for all your electronics easy to find and tangle free.



9. Pill boxes

A pill separator is perfect for keeping little items contained in their own organized compartment.

pill box


10. Picture frames

This organization idea is such a work of art that it deserves a frame. What a perfect way to keep little girls barrettes organized.



11. Small containers with labels

And of course the best way to keep little things organized is to label the container. This is the perfect way to ensure that the small items are easy to find and that they return to their designated places.



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