25 DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a fun holiday to decorate for, especially outside. From simple to amazing, we are sharing a lot of great DIY outdoor Halloween decorations to make sure your home looks haunted for Halloween.

Once you’ve decorated outdoors, make sure your door is decked out for Halloween too. Then head inside to decorate your Halloween mantle and make your own Halloween garlands to string up around the house.

Halloween Veggie Pumpkin Heads Idea Via remodelaholic.com great DIY outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is quickly approaching; is your yard ready??  If you like to decorate the house for this spooky holiday, but are looking for new ideas we’ve got you covered.  Whether you’re short on time, want to go all out, or just need some fresh inspiration, you’ll find plenty of fun DIY outdoor Halloween decorations that’ll meet your needs!

Outdoor Spider and Creepy Things Decorations

Black Plastic Bags are perfect for creating creepy spider webs for indoor or outdoor decorating - How About Orange

Trash Bag Spiderwebs by How About Orange – What better way to save on decorations than to use something you already have on hand?  Black trash bags are perfect outdoor decor, too because they weather well.  This is an easy project that’ll spook-ify your house in no time.

Giant DIY Spider With Spider Web Mom Endeavors

Trash Bag Spider by Mom Endeavors– While you’re at it, construct a giant spider from black trash bags as well!  You’ll need a few more materials to construct the whole thing, but the effect is totally worth it!  Place him in front of your trash bag spider webs!

Magnetic Spiders by Delia Creates – And for even more spider fun, whip up these little spider magnets!  They can be used indoors or out, on anything metal.  Dress up your door or metal mailbox. Make all different sizes.

Spider Egg Sack by Martha Stewart Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Spider Egg Sac by Martha Stewart – But where did all your spiders come from?  Hang a bunch of these spider egg sacs on your porch to really creep people out!  You don’t need anything expensive to make them, and they come together quickly.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Wreath by Bugaboo, Mini, Mr, and Me – Finish off your spider theme with a spider door wreath!  This one is understated but creepy and will look perfect with your other spider decorations.

Giant Tentacle Halloween Decorations for the yard featured in 25 Clever Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Remodelaholic.com. #Halloween, #decorations, #halloweendecor, #Halloweendiy, #spooky

Giant Tentacle Monster by Instructables – Here’s a giant idea that’s sure to make you the talk of the neighborhood this year!  It’s fairly time intensive, from planning to creating, so it’s not for the feint of heart.

Snake Rug by Better Homes and Gardens – This cute (or maybe creepy) snake rug will keep all those spooky guests away.

Ghosts and other Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Ghostly Draperies by Brian Patrick Flynn on HGTV – These lightweight, inexpensive drapes set a ghostly mood hung from your porch, railings or doorway.  They’re so easy to create, you’ll be done decorating in 1/2 an hour!

Floating Heads by Simply Designing – Some floating ghostly heads hanging in the corner of your porch will surely set a creepy tone this Halloween!  All you need are some styrofoam mannequin heads to start.

Cheesecloth Ghosts by Love and Laundry – For a less creepy but still ghostly vibe, try these cheesecloth ghosts.  They won’t scare the kids like a dismembered head will, but they’re super versatile.  Hang them from a tree or the porch or simply set them in the yard because they stand on they’re own!

Paper Bag Luminaries by Make Zine – Here’s something fun to do with the kids!  Cut or punch out Halloween shapes, landscapes and words from normal paper bags.  Then place them along your sidewalk, steps or porch with flameless candles inside.  They’re easy, cheap, fun to make and will glow eerily all night long.

These look so cool and almost real, perfect for diy outdoor halloween decor! Faux Chains by Ribbons And Glue

Foam Chains by Ribbons and Glue – If you want to add some creepiness to a vignette you’ve already planned out, you can easily and cheaply make your own chain links and piece them together.  They look way better then the plastic kind and are less expensive.  Plus you can make them as long as you want and they are super lightweight since they are made out of foam.  Wrap them around skeletons, hang them with ghostly cheesecloth draperies, or use them as a ghastly garland for your railing!

Candy Corn Sunburst Wreath by Bugaboo, Mini, Mr, and Me – This super cute idea won’t creep anyone out, but it’s the perfect nod to that famous sweet treat of Halloween, candy corn!  The candy corn in the sunburst is made from styrofoam cones which have been shaped and painted as giant candy pieces.  Hang on your front door to welcome trick-or-treaters!

“The Raven” inspired porch decor by Create Craft Love – Fan of Edgar Allen Poe?  Take a look at this porch set up, which was inspired by “The Raven.”  It’s spooky, but totally subtle.  Those who aren’t into the gory side of Halloween will appreciate that!

Eyeball Decorations

Giant Lawn Eyeballs by The DIY Network – These eyeballs are sure to delight trick-or-treaters!  They’re made from different sized balls and are quite easy to paint.  You could stick them in a bush or tree to give the illusion that something large is lurking there!

Eyeball Wreath by Number 2 Penciel - 25 Clever Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Remodelaholic.com #Halloween, #decorations, #halloweendecor, #Halloweendiy, #spooky

Googly Eye Wreath by Number 2 Pencil – With ping pong balls and gooogly eyes (and a lot of hot glue), you can make a super fun eyeball wreath for your front door.  You can find ping pong balls in bulk on Amazon, which cuts down on the cost for this project!

Glowing Eyeballs by Bugaboo, Mini, Mr, and Me – Here’s another use for ping pong balls!  Paint a few to look like eyeballs using the tutorial, then cut a slit in the bottom and slide them over flameless tea light candles.  Scatter them around the yard or bushes.  By day, they’re creepy looking eyeballs, and by night they glow!

Graveyards and Skeletons

Create your own graveyard in your front yard for Halloween - 25 Clever Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Remodelaholic.com. #Halloween, #decorations, #halloweendecor, #Halloweendiy, #spooky

Cardboard Tombstones by eHow – Here’s a super easy way to turn your front yard into a cemetery.  It doesn’t take a lot of money or skill, and you can personalize the tombstones any way you’d like!

DIY Mummies for scary Halloween yard decor - 25 Clever Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Remodelaholic. #Halloween, #decorations, #halloweendecor, #Halloweendiy, #spooky

Mummy Figure by Better Homes and Gardens – Though the supply list for this build is a bit intensive, the results are creepy and cool.  Make a few half-sized mummies and plant them along your walkway, as if they’re popping up from the grave!

Outdoor Skeleton Decor Ideas Better Homes And Gardens

Outdoor Skeleton Decor Ideas by Better Homes and Gardens –  Skeletons are so fun to use in your outdoor Halloween Decor. Dress them up, pose them and enjoy the Halloween Fun.


Tipsy Pumpkin Planter by Birds and Blooms – This cute planter is made from inexpensive jack-o-lantern buckets.  If you like a cuter take on Halloween and don’t want your yard to scare away the little ones, this might be the perfect decoration for your yard!

Man-Eating Plants by Eden Makers – If you’re looking for something truly unique this year, these giant man-eating plants are for you!  Though they do take some time to put together, they’re actually easier to make then they appear.  You could group a few in pots by your door to ward away pesky neighbors… or make kids stick their hands inside to get their candy out!

Vegetable Pumpkin Heads by Family Fun featured on Remodelaholic – These pumpkins can be made cute or scary using other vegetables for a different look and lots of texture when decorating your porch with pumpkins.

Witch Decorations

Dress up your porch with these Floating Witch Hat Luminaries By Polka Dot Chair

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries by Polka Dot Chair – Snag a few simple witch hats and create a super fun and unique hanging centerpiece for your porch!  String them up and insert a cheap light stick inside.  Voila!  A floating luminary that appears suspended by black magic!

Cornhusk Witches by Everyday Dishes – Here’s a cute and quick idea; one that’s great for older kids who like to craft.  Whip up a bunch of cornhusk witches and you’ve got a coven for your porch or entry!

Make an outdoor decorative witch cauldron This Old House - 25 Clever Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Remodelaholic.com. #Halloween, #decorations, #halloweendecor, #Halloweendiy, #spooky

Bubbling Witch Cauldron by This Old House – This bubbling cauldron and tripod is completely DIY.  It lights up and best of all, can be saved and used year after year.  There’s a bit of building and construction involved, but it makes a nice statement in the center of the yard!

More great Halloween Ideas: Dollar Store Skeleton Hack, Stop in for a Spell Printable, or if you need a last minute costumes we’ve got those too.

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Scare your neighbors with these fantastic and creepy DIY outdoor Halloween decoration ideas. We are sharing 25 of our favorites from witches, to mummies, to spiders and more. Find these and more ideas for outdoor Halloween Decor featured on Remodelaholic.com

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