25+ Great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Great Kitchen Backsplashes at Remodelaholic

25+ Great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Let’s play a game.  When I say the words “kitchen backsplash”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  If you are like 99% of homeowners, then the first word or image that came to your mind was “tile.”  There are literally zillions of options when it comes to designing tile backsplashes, so it’s no wonder we gravitate towards tile when we’re planning out a kitchen backsplash.

But….tile isn’t the end-all-be-all of backsplashes.  Nope, there are other options out there that can work for anyone who can’t (or doesn’t want to) invest the time and money required to tile their kitchen walls.  Not that tile has to be expensive–I’ve shown you that before.  It’s just that when you are renting or saving up for a big remodel down the road or looking for a temporary solution, a permanent tile installation isn’t the best option.  Or maybe you want a permanent installation, but you want something unique and different.  The good news is that there are still lots of creative solutions to get a backsplash that you’ll love.

I’ve collected more than 25 amazing backsplashes for your viewing pleasure, today.  We’ll start out with some of the creative, non-tile options.  But never fear, lovers of tile, if you keep scrolling down you’ll find plenty of ceramic and mosaic eye candy.  Enjoy!


National Builder Supply beaded board

Beaded Board | Supply.com

Back-Painted Glass | Houzz

Recycled Glass green backsplash

Recycled Glass Backsplash | Indugy

Remodelaholic fabric

Removable Fabric | The Chronology of Him and Me featured at Remodelaholic

Chasing Paper removeable wallpaper

Removable Wallpaper Backsplash | Chasing Paper

Remodelaholic contact paper

Contact Paper | Katydid and Kid featured at Remodelaholic

Lease to Decorate contact paper tiles

Contact Paper “Tiles” | Lease to Decorate

Positively Splendid crosshatch vinyl

Cross-Hatch Vinyl | Positively Splendid

National Builder supply tin tile

Faux Tin Tile | Fasade Ideas

Carla Aston Designed curvy backsplash

Curvy Integrated Backsplash | Carla Aston Designed

National Builder Supply stacked pebbles

Stacked Pebbles | National Builder Supply

Remodelaholic pallet wood backsplash

Pallet Wood Backsplash | Circa Dee featured at Remodelaholic

Create Craft Love wine cork backsplash

Wine Cork Backsplash | Create Craft Love

National Builder supply big chalkboard

Big Chalkboard | National Builder Supply

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  1. Great ideas for backsplashes. I couldn’t believe how many different things were used and they turned out beautiful! We put red subway tiles as our backsplash last year and I love it!! Thanks for the great round-up!

  2. I have ideas that I’d like to do for a tile backsplash, but I also love the look of the faux tin. Since we plan on painting our cabinets white I don’t think beadboard would work for us, though it is my third favorite of the options you listed! 😉

  3. Hi, just wanted to say that I love your posts, but every time I click on any of them there is an advertisement strip, right after the second paragraph.It does inhibit the ability to read a few lines of your post. Not sure if it’s my computer, but it only happens with your site and no one else’s. The’re kind of annoying and it doesn’t even have an x to get rid of it. Anyone else experiencing the same thing with this awesome web page?

      1. Justin, thanks for the reply. It’s so strange, I still get that advertisement banner, only on this site. It’s usually a toy’s r us/babies r us advertisement, if I put the mouse over it, it doubles in size this one does have an X on it. When I click it, it goes back to the smaller banner. Don’t know what it is, thanks though!

  4. I Like the look the Faux tin for my kitchen, however my husband thinks it would not work above the stove…..grease and other splatters would not be easy to clean,,,,,any sugesstions on this…

  5. Hi,
    I am having a very hard time deciding on a back splash for my remodeled kitchen. I would like the glass tile as seen in my pic,but it will be VERY expensive, do you have any other ideas? Any help would great. Thank you

    1. Penny, I am not sure exactly where you could get a better price. Overstock usually has good options at decent prices I would check there. And remember a back splash isn’t usually a huge amount of space, so yes, the tile per square foot might be expensive but if you only need 10 square feet it isn’t a HUGE expense. I would figure out how much you need add 5-10% to the total and then look for a tile price range and save up for that amount over time!

  6. Some of these are obviously only for use in kitchens that no one ever cooks in, because they would be impossible to clean: corks, rocks, really?

  7. Hi Cassity and Justin,

    Robert and I are remodeling our kitchen and I needed some backsplash ideas. I knew you would have some on your website and you do! These are great. I like the round recycled glass photo, #3. Do you have any more information on that one? Are they bottle bottoms that have been cut off? I want to do something creative and less expensive if possible, but I also need to consider resale.

    1. Lorna!!!

      So good to hear from you! I hope you guys are doing well! I love seeing your pics on Google+ when I stop by over there!

      I would Google search Bottle Bottom tiles or recycled glass tile… When I searched for that I found this: https://seeingdesign.com/finds/tile-made-from-wine-bottles/ each tile is $2- 3 dollars which is going to be pretty expensive!!! So maybe look for some alternatives, round tile hexagon… figure out if you like the variety of sizes most, the color… and then look for something similar.

      A few options to think about.
      Penny tile is very cool looking, and has similar round shape but more uniform in size. I really like Overstock.com for a tile source, they seem to have a big selection and decent prices. And if you watch an item for a while and get on the mailing list you can sometimes get a pretty good deal, or get notified of sales. Plus I think shipping is free (or SUPER cheap). I bought a whole bunch of tile and got like 200 bucks off when combining a sale plus a low price!

      My friend Beth did a river rock back splash and has a tutorial here: https://www.homestoriesatoz.com/uncategorized/garden-stone-kitchen-backsplash-tutorial-how-to-backsplash.html I think it has a similar sort of feel.

      For inexpensive options try searching Pinterest for “DIY back splashes”. See if you can find one you like!

      Hope that helps! Miss you guys!

  8. Hi! I love your blog! We just got our old black laminate removed from our kitchen and granite installed. It is beautiful-YAY! We have one section of kitchen that is top cabinets; wine glasses, and regular cups…bottom cabinets; dog food, pots and pans and bowls, and junk drawer and ziplock/foil/straws. It is across from rest of kitchen so I thought I’d give it it’s own backsplash style. I want to do something other than tile, although I am loving subway tile at the moment. I like the idea of beadboard but wanted any other suggestions first. I don’t want anything crazy bright or eclectic and our whole house decor is comfy/casual/beachy. Can I share a photo of the kitchen space for some advice?

  9. Hi! The sapphire blue subway tile is exactly what I’m looking for! Do you know who the manufacturer is or where I can but it? Thanks!