5 Reasons to Go Short

Still undecided about whether or not to cut your luscious locks? Here are 5 excellent reasons you may want to give a short haircut a try. 5 Reasons to Go Short - Tipsaholic. #shorthair, #haircut, #hairstyle, #hair


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Chopping off your hair can be a monumental decision.  Long hair is seen as a feminine trait – one that is often considered sexy and alluring.  It can also be a woman’s security blanket, how she identifies as beautiful, or simply something that feels as necessary as any appendage.  Taking scissors to your mane may require courage, but there are some definite advantages to having short locks.  If you’ve been toying with the idea of transitioning to a bob or going all out with a face framing pixie, here are 6 reasons to try a short haircut.


1. Your face.  That’s right.  It’s time to show it off!  Short styles are the easiest, most assured way of displaying your facial features for all to see!  If you do a search of short hair styles online, you’ll quickly realize that nearly all face shapes are flattered by some sort of short style – whether it’s a super textured, asymmetrical crop for those with fine, delicate features or a cute pixie that slims your apple cheeks and draws attention to your eyes.  Nearly all short cuts are slimming, and with your hair literally framing your face you’ll put your best features on display.


2. Money Saver.  It’s true.  There’s no denying that a short style goes through way less shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray or any other hair product.  It takes a lot less upkeep and you won’t need to spend as much to make it look awesome.


3. Time Saver.  Honestly, this might be the top reason for any busy woman juggling multiple responsibilities!  You can spend an hour each morning washing and styling your long locks, and even longer for special occasions.  Short hair has a sort of carefree ease – some styles don’t even require daily styling!  If you’re looking for something that’s easy to do, different than the normal ponytail, and will take literally minutes each morning a short cut may be the way to go.


4. Changing it up.  Perhaps you’ve had the same style for 15 years.  Perhaps you’ve just encountered a major life-changing event.  Perhaps you’re just tired of of the maintenance (see above!).  Whatever the case, everyone needs a change once in a while.  Obviously, chopping your hair off might not meet that need for every individual, nor is it the only way to inject change into your lifestyle.  But it can be an amazingly freeing change that gives you a needed boost.


5. Fresh start.  Let’s face it.  Hair gets damaged.  Especially long hair.  Heat styling, curling, drying, washing, sticky products, not to mention dyeing or highlighting – it all takes its toll.  I’m not implying that you need to chop your magnificent mane to rid yourself of a few split ends, but if your hair is overly dry and damaged, a chic, sophisticated cut can give you a fresh start – much like a blank canvas.


If you chop off your hair why do you do it?


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