5 Time-Saving Party Tips

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The invitations are sent, the guests are excited to attend and the day of the party is about to arrive.  If the thought of balancing the numerous party details and spending time with your guests seems a little impossible, these ideas are for you. Here are 5 helpful, time-saving party tips to make any special occasion run smoothly.  Then all you have to do is have fun!


1. Prep the table the night before.  Set out all the serving dishes along with utensils, napkins, glasses, etc. the night before the party. This will give you a quick check to see if anything is missing, and will hopefully avoid that last minute rush to get a needed item. Mark where food that cannot be preset will go on the day of the party by writing each food item on a small piece of paper and putting it on its serving dish or its spot at the table.Wedding-5421



2. Prep the ice cream.  To avoid a mob of kids waiting impatiently for ice cream, try this fast tip. Before the party, line a muffin tin with paper baking cups. Scoop an individual amount of ice cream into each section and store in the freezer. When cake time arrives, simply place each scoop onto a plate (keeping it in the paper baking cups or not) and serve to the crowd.scoop-icecream_300

3. Forget the knife.  Did you know that using unflavored waxed dental floss is a faster and cleaner way to cut sheet cake than using a knife? Simply take a piece of floss that’s about a foot longer that the cake and hold it taut between your fingers. Drag it down through the cake, then release one end and pull the other end out of the cake sideways. Repeat this step, in a grid pattern, until the whole cake is cut.  No clumpy mess on the knife and no mangled cake pieces!birthdaycake-hand_300


4.  Use an unexpected ice chest.  One of the hardest things to keep track of at a party is ensuring there are always cooled beverages ready to go.  This is especially difficult if your fridge is already full of party food and extra drinks.  Here’s an easy solution if you don’t want to lug around a ton of ice chests or coolers.  Use your washing machine!  Fill it with ice and add your bottles or cans.  Clean up is a cinch since the melted ice will simply drain away.52801234dbfa3f4ef30029ca._w.540_s.fit_

5. Accept helping hands.  Don’t be averse to getting help where you needed it!  You don’t have to be superwoman and go it all alone.  Don’t have time to make a dessert?  Pick it up pre-made at your local bakery.  Use a combination of handmade and store bought elements.  Ask a good friend to take on a task – like party photography – so you can focus on other details. Outsourcing is always a great party time saver!MCL_buffet_100172857_Peter_Krumhardt_0


 To make your party unforgettable, check out these 7 tips!


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