5 Ways to Try the DIY String Art Trend

5 Ways to Try String Art, image via Nine Red featured on Tipsaholic

5 Ways to Create String Art via Tipsaholic.com

DIY string art projects are so popular these days, for good reason. A well-executed piece of string art is impressive to look at, but easy to do. Here are five different ways to make a string art of your own to personalize and beautify your living space. (featured image via Nine Red)

1. Paper + Needle + Embroidery Thread

This string art project is really cute and perfect for small scale art. When you complete this project, pop it in a small frame and add it to your gallery wall. Or you could turn paper string art into delightful invitations for your next party!

You’ll need thick paper (try card stock) in whatever size you prefer, a needle, and embroidery thread in your preferred colors. Trace out your design on the paper and then poke out evenly spaced out holes along the line of your drawing. Grab your embroidery thread, put it through your needle, and go through the holes on your paper to bring your sketch to life.

2. Canvas + Long Needle + Embroidery Thread

You can find canvas in a wide variety of sizes at stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for great prices. Wait for a 40% or 50% off sale to grab the canvases you want and use one of them for this easy project.

Print and cut out your design and place it on the canvas. Use nails and hammer to poke holes along the line of your design. When you’re done, pull out the nails. Use a long needle and embroidery thread to connect the holes to create an amazing DIY art for your walls. If your needle gets stuck, use needle nosed pliers to pull out your needle from the canvas. Another idea is to use clear push pins or metal thumb tacks to hold the string art.

3. Painted Plywood + Nails + Embroidery Thread or Yarn

Plywood is great because they are so cheap and so versatile. Choose a plywood that’s not too thick (too heavy to hang) or too thin (will wrap easily). A plywood that’s 3/4 or 1/2 thick will do the trick. Ask an employee at your favorite home improvement store to cut down the giant plywood boards into the sizes you want — many of them will do that for free.

The only bad thing about plywood is that it can look like, well, plywood. Give your piece of plywood a nice coat of paint; don’t forget to paint the sides as well. For an unique look, paint your sides a different, bold color from the front. How about white on the front and hot pink along the sides? After your plywood is painted, cut out your printed design and hammer down nails along the lines. Try using 1/2 inch brad nails with a small head. Remove the paper and use either embroidery thread or yarn to string up your art.

4. Stained Wood + Nails + Embroidery Thread or Yarn

For a more polished look, try staining a nice piece of wood (pine is easy to stain and very light to hang) in your favorite stain. A long, rectangular piece of wood would be perfect for stringing up a child’s name, for example. After you stain your wood, follow the same steps as above.

5. Wall + Nails + Yarn

Bring some drama to a wall in your home by doing a large-scale mural with nails and yarn! You could string up a mural of a tree in your entry or a large map of your favorite country or state above your sofa. Whatever design you decide on, it’s sure to be a conversation piece.

You’ll need a projector along with the usual nails and yarn. Print out your design, pop it under your projector, and trace out your image on the wall. Do the whole nail and hammer thing and use yarn instead of embroidery thread for a more bold look. The best thing about this is that it’s easily removable if you tire of it — just cover up the tiny holes with putty and repaint.


String art can look very similar to embroidery, which is also easy and fun to do. Try making this cute DIY embroidered heart pillow for your little girl or even for yourself!

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