8 Family Photos You Need to Take this Year

Preserve those memories and precious moments with 8 must-take family photos to take this year (and every year). Tipsaholic.com

8 Photos to Take of Your Family This Year via Tipsaholic

In this age of digital photography, there’s no reason for us to not have plenty of photos of our families! 8 must-take family photos to take this year (and every year) so that you’ll always have precious memories:

1. Your day-to-day life – it may be more of a grind right now, but what is it you’ll want to remember most when the pitter-patter of little feet has faded? The simple moments are worth much more than we give them credit for.


2. Your kids’ “details” – whether they have eyes that sparkle or muddy little toes, the details are something we often notice, but rarely take time to appreciate. A photo keeps those details for us so that we can cherish them when that time in life has passed.


3. Your kids doing something they love – horseback riding, soccer, painting, or hunting, if they’re doing something they love, there is a glow about them you’ll want to preserve.


4. Your family “playing” together – you may feel that you’ll never forget how happy you were in the moment, but it’s incredible how quickly memories can fade. Hiking, backyard baseball, or a board game, you’ll never get more genuine smiles than when you are enjoying each other’s company.


5. A photo of you/your children with grandparents – we tend to put photos of these people on the back burner. Maybe we don’t want to bother grandpa, or maybe grandma has refused to be in photos since she turned 60, but if these people mean something to you, then a photo will become a treasure when they’re gone.


6. You and your significant other on a date – while you may have to put the camera down and set the timer for this one, it will be well worth it, especially if the last time you had a photo taken of just the two of you was your wedding day!


7. A planned family picture – you may not think a professional family photo is worth all the fuss, but if it takes just one hour and a bit of planning for one day this year, it will be. Being able to see your family changing over time is incredible. Even if all you can manage is a snapshot, make it a priority.

Bonus: you’ll finally have a fresh photo for holiday cards! And if you’re looking for some ideas on what to wear in a family photo, take a look at this quick guide!


8. Your family in their favorite place – whether it’s the beach, a mountain, or your living room, take time to capture the mood and the wonder you feel in this place together.


If you’re looking for some more direct inspiration, try taking up a “photo challenge” like this one from Jamie Moore Photography.


Kayla Lilly is a photographer, writer, wife, and mama making a house a home in eastern Idaho. She met her mister while working at an amusement park and married him a year later after deciding there was no way to live without him. The amusement has continued as they’ve added three kids and a passel of pets to their lives while finishing college and starting a photography business. Drawing inspiration from the whirlwinds of marriage, parenthood, and the media, Kayla blogs at www.utterlyinexperienced.blogspot.com, and spends the rest of her time chasing chickens, organizing junk drawers, diapering toddlers, and photographing everyone willing to step in front of her lens.

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