6 Fun & Challenging Treadmill Workouts

Running on the treadmill day after day can get very boring FAST. Make your time on the treadmill fun and challenging with these 6 treadmill workouts! 6 Fun & Challenging Treadmill Workouts via Tipsaholic.com #workout #running #gym #treadmill #run #fitness

6 Fun & Challenging Treadmill Workouts
The treadmill is a very useful workout equipment. No matter what weather it is outside, you can still hit the treadmill and get in a great workout. However, just running on the treadmill day after day can get very boring FAST. Make your time on the treadmill fun and challenging with these 6 treadmill workouts!


20-Minute Calorie-Burning Treadmill Workout

This treadmill workout is short at only 20 minutes, but its still challenging! You’ll change the speed every two minutes and change the incline for even more calorie-burning.


TV Workout

Do you like to watch TV while you run on the treadmill? Try using whatever show you’re watching to make your workout more challenging and fun! You could run hard during the show and take walking breaks during commercials. Or you could make changes to the incline depending on what you’re watching.


30 Minute, 3 Mile Treadmill Workout

Want to run for three miles on the treadmill? Try this interval treadmill workout that will push you to complete your 3-mile run in only 30 minutes. If it’s too fast for you, adjust as needed but work towards 30 minutes as your goal.


500 Calorie Burning Treadmill Workout

Burn 500 calories in one treadmill workout! You’ll adjust your incline and your speed at four different levels in ten minutes and do that for 5 cycles for a workout that will leave you sweaty but feeling great.


Descending Ladder Sprints Workout

This is an advanced treadmill workout that will have you feeling like you’re climbing hills! Turn up your incline way high and go as fast as you can for a few hundred meters before taking a couple of minutes of light intensity walking (or jogging, if you can handle that). You’ll also have a few minutes of rest between rounds, which you’ll definitely need! (Note: The link takes you to three different treadmill workouts; the descending ladder springs workout is the last of the three.)


Agility Training Treadmill Workout

You can do much more on a treadmill than just run or walk. This agility training treadmill workout includes high knees, butt kicks, lunges, walking side squats, and even backward jogging! (Note: the link takes you to several different treadmill workouts; scroll down to find the agility training treadmill workout listed at #3.)


For more workout ideas, check out 5-Minute Workouts — No Gym Required and Exercise Like a Kid: 5 Fun Workout Ideas.


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