7 Creative Christmas Eve Gift Ideas

7 Creative Christmas Eve Gift Ideas - Tipsaholic

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Many families like to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. It can be hard picking the right Christmas gift for this tradition, since you don’t want it to be too small and kind of a letdown or too special, which should always be saved for the big day. Here are seven creative Christmas Eve gift ideas that will make everyone happy and even more excited for the next day.

1. Christmas Movie Box

This Christmas Eve gift idea should be done as one big gift for everyone to open together. Inside, put in new Christmas pajamas for everyone (or at least every kid) with a new Christmas movie. Add snacks, such as popcorn, candy, or hot chocolate. After opening the gift, everyone gets into the new pajamas and enjoys the snacks while watching the movie!


2. Cookie Kit

This is another Christmas Eve gift idea that comes in one box for everyone to rip open as a group. Assemble a cookie kit inside the present with all the ingredients for your favorite Christmas cookies. Add cookie cutters, sprinkles, frosting, and whatever else you like to add to your cookies. Then everyone can run to the kitchen and spend the rest of the evening baking cookies together.

cookie kit

3. Board Game

If your family loves games, give everyone a new board game and play together on Christmas Eve! Then add it to your family collection. For some great board game ideas, check out this list.

board games

4. Self-Esteem Books

This is a truly special Christmas Eve gift idea that parents can do for their children. Create a photo book for each kid with lots of great pictures and notes that tell them how special they are. Your kids will treasure the books and spend the whole Christmas Eve evening reading their books and feeling so great about themselves.

self esteem books

5. Christmas Treats

A simple but always loved Christmas Eve gift idea is to give everyone a special Christmas treat. Peppermint bark and popcorn caramel are traditional favorites and you could even make your own toffee to give to everyone. For the rest of the night, nibble on the treats and just enjoy each others company.

homemade toffee

6. Gingerbread House Kit

This is similar to the cookie kit Christmas Eve gift idea. Pack a gingerbread house kit, either a prepackaged one or assemble one yourself with the ingredients for gingerbread, candy pieces, and white icing. After the present is opened, everyone gets together to create a gingerbread house for the rest of the night! If your family likes a little competition, you could give a kit to each person or team and have each team create their own house.

gingerbread house

7. Sibling Gift Exchange

If your kids are young, you could have your kids choose gifts for each other that cost around $10 and have them exchange their gifts on Christmas Eve. Each sibling could say something really nice about each sibling before giving them their gift. This makes their small gifts more special since they’re the only gifts being opened at that time and the siblings will feel closer to each other after all the nice words are said.

sibling gift exchange

These Christmas Eve gift ideas are so great, I’ll have a hard time choosing just one of them for this year! What other Christmas Eve gift ideas do you have?


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