7 Great and Classic ABC Books for Every Family

There is no lack of variation on the alphabet book theme, and every family with young kids probably has at least one or two ABC books. However, some authors manage to take a simple subject and make it new and fun again. Here are seven great ABC books that are favorites at our house.

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7 Great Classic ABC Books via Tipsaholic

Dr. Seuss’s ABC by Dr. Seuss

Big D, little d, what begins with D? Dr. Seuss at his finest, laying on the nonsense rhymes that somehow stick with you. After having read this one a hundred times together, my two-year-old likes to tell me she’s “itchy itchy Ichabod, I, I, I!” when she gets a mosquito bite.

Animal Alphabet: Slide and Seek the ABCs by Alex A. Lluch

First you see “A is for…”, then you slide a little panel over to reveal an alligator. Each letter gets its own window and animal. Not only is it beautifully illustrated, it’s also sturdy enough for little hands to slide the panels back and forth without sustaining much (if any) damage. A definite plus for parents with, ahem, enthusiastic little readers!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

All the lower-case letters are racing each other to the top of the coconut tree…until they come crashing down! With simple, bright images, an easy rhythm, and a silly premise, it’s no wonder this one is a perennial favorite among toddlers.

A Is for Angry: An Animal and Adjective Alphabet by Sandra Boynton

This book takes alliteration to silly new levels, with as many words as possible worked in for each letter. It’s silly and funny…exactly what you’d expect from Sandra Boynton.

B Is for Bulldozer: A Construction ABC by June Sobel

If your kiddo loves big trucks and heavy machinery, this is a must-have. The pictures show bulldozers, cranes, and excavators hard at work, as simple rhymes take you through the alphabet.

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

There’s no story here; just gorgeous illustrations. Not only will this book help your child learn the alphabet–both upper- and lower-case letters–but it will also introduce them to delicious fruits and vegetables that begin with each letter.

Animalia by Graeme Base

This book is as much fun for parents and older kids as it is for the little ones. The words are simple alliterations–“crafty crimson cats carefully catching crusty crayfish” for example–but the pictures are what makes this book a treasure. Every page is full of exquisite details, and you could easily lose track of time searching for all the things that begin with any given letter.


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