7 Patriotic (and Fun!) July 4th Party Activities

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Hosting a July 4th party this year? A good party should have a few activities for guests to enjoy in between all the eating and drinking. Try one of these 7 fun July 4th party activities for your party!


1. Make July 4th Shirts

Near the beginning of your party, gather together your guests to create DIY July 4th shirts. Once they’re dry, everyone can wear them for the rest of the party, which could make for a really great group photo. This tutorial makes no-sew tanks with spray paint, but you could get a similar result with kid-safe fabric paint and a couple of paintbrushes. If you only have little kids at your party, this tutorial is a lot easier and faster to make.



2. Paint Everyone’s Faces

Line everyone up and paint their faces with patriotic images! Use the things you probably already have in your pantry (corn starch, milk, water, and food coloring) to make homemade face paint. Both adults and kids will enjoy sporting their favorite designs on their faces or arms! Here are some face painting ideas: stars, the flag, fireworks, blue-white-red rainbows, Uncle Sam’s hat, eagles, the letters USA, the country USA, and patriotic ribbons. For the superhero fans, what about Captain America’s shield?



3. Decorate Your Lawn with Stars

Once everyone is decorated with our country’s colors and symbols, work together to decorate the grass and sidewalks of your backyard and front yard with flour stars! This is a fun and easy activity for the kids to do. First, make a large stencil of a star and lay it down where you want the star to go. Spray water on the grass or concrete and then sift flour over it. Ta-da, white stars everywhere!



4. Create Patriotic Art

A craft for the kids during a party is always a fun idea, but sometimes a craft requires a lot of adult supervision. This freedom collage craft is perfect for a July 4th party because it’s all about creating without restrictions, which makes it perfect for celebrating our free country. Simply provide the materials and set everything up on a table and let the kids have fun! Once everything is dry, you could even hang them up to add more decor to your party. Clip the creations on a string and hang it on your fence, tack them up on a tree, or tape them to the end of a long table, whatever works for your party!



5. Play a Popcorn Relay Race

This is a fun and silly relay game that everyone can participate in, no matter their age, as long as they know how to walk! Attach a cup to each foot with string and fill it up with popcorn. Have your racers go as fast as they can without spilling the popcorn and fill up a huge basket of popcorn — whoever empties their portion of the popcorn first wins! And then everyone can enjoy chomping down on the popcorn, so there are no losers in this game.



6. Set Up a Photo Background

Hang up a large American flag and set up a photography backdrop for your guests to get a picture together! You could grab an old school Polaroid camera and give the pictures to your guests right away or email them the photos later with a “Thanks for coming!” note. Everyone will love their little mementos from your party and that’s better than any favor bag!



7. Have Fun with Glow Sticks

Fireworks are fun, but they’re not the only things that can light up the night. You can do so many fun activities with glow sticks and other glow toys, such as ring toss with glow sticks taped into circles, hopscotch with bigger glow circles, beach ball volleyball with glow sticks inside, and many more. Find more activities to do with glow sticks here!



What other fun July 4th party activities do you like to participate in? Share your favorite ones in the comments below, including links! I’m always looking for more fun party ideas and I’m sure you are, too!

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