5 Kid-Friendly Papier Mache Projects You Can Decorate With!

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Who remembers making a papier mache art project back in school?  It’s such a fun craft and popular with kids, but there are only so many papier mache bowls you can make before you run out of reasons to use them in your home!  Try these 5 papier mache projects with your kids and you’ll be able to decorate your house in style.


1. Papier Mache Alphabet Letters

Large alphabet letters are a popular decor item in kids’ rooms, but use them in nearly any room of the house.  Spell out your child’s name, a catchy, room appropriate word or make a simple monogram by doing this papier mache project that makes letters out of cereal boxes!  You can use any font you’d like to make them.


2. Papier Mache Mounted Animal Heads

Faux taxidermy mounted heads are all the rage right now.  Check out this really great looking papier mache zebra head mount! If your kid loves zebras, they’ll love making this… and you can mount it over their bed or dresser in their room. But you can do this papier mache project even if your kids aren’t that fond of zebras – simply modify it to turn it into another animal, like a rhino, a horse, an unicorn, or a lion. Use your imagination… or your kid’s!


3. Papier Mache Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons are always enthralling for kids to see in the air, so why not put one up in their bedroom for them to stare at every night as they drift off to sleep? This really cute papier mache project is even sweeter with the addition of hearts all over it. Instead of paint, this project uses blue and green colored tissue paper, but you can use any color tissue you’d like to match your decor.


4. Papier Mache Pumpkins

Buying seasonal decor can be a drag because they cost so much money and are then displayed for such a short time. For most of the year, your seasonal decor items are stuck in a box in the garage or attic.  Why not make your own seasonal decor and turn it into a fun activity with the kids? Since fall is fast approaching, make a couple of papier mache pumpkins and paint them! Put them up in your home before Halloween and leave them out until Thanksgiving.


5. Papier Mache Pinata

A pinata isn’t exactly a decor item, but it can certainly be used to decorate a party! Make a papier mache pinata with your kids for their next birthday party. You could have a lot of fun with a completely customizable piñata. Maybe you could make a beloved cartoon character, a favorite animal, or something else that fits into the birthday party’s theme. Fill the pinata with your kids’ preferred candies or skip the sweets and use small toys instead!  Then watch all the children smash away at your hard work… it’ll be worth it.


Hopefully, these papier mache projects have sparked a few ideas of your own!  A moon and a few stars to hang in your child’s nursery? A papier mache Earth to spin around in the playroom?  The possibilities are endless!


Featured image via Better Homes and Gardens.

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