8 Ideas for Decorating a Kids Bathroom

8 Ideas for Decorating a Kids Bathroom - Tipsaholic.com


We all use the bathroom several times a day and so do our kids. Why not make the kids bathroom effective, organized, AND beautiful? Here are eight ideas for decorating a kids bathroom!

8 decorating ideas for a kids bathroom - Tipsaholic.com

1) Open storage for easy access

You already know that a kids bathroom needs a lot of storage for toys, towels, and toothbrushes, but try to include some open storage. That way, you can reach for what you need quickly. Shelves above the toilet, a wall cabinet, a basket on the toilet tank, or a cart (this cart from IKEA could look really cute in a bathroom) would all work great in a kids bathroom.

2) Changeable decor

Have fun decorating your kids bathroom, but we all know how fast kids grow. When they get older, their tastes change. Decorate in a way that is easy to swap out. Instead of painting the bathroom in their favorite colors, go with a colorful shower curtain and cute art that you can always change later on.

3) A customized step

If you have young kids, you probably need a step stool to help your kids be able to look into the mirror and brush their teeth. You could buy a wooden step and paint it in your kid’s favorite color and customize it with their name or with a cute stencil. Just make sure that  the step fits in the bathroom and find a place for it to tuck away in if an adult wants to use the bathroom. Yes, the first step I bought for my kids bathroom was too big. Oops! Measure first, buy second.

4) Towel hooks instead of a towel bar

Hooks are easier for kids to reach, which means that they are more likely to hang up their towels rather than throwing them on the floor. Put the hooks at your kids’ heights; you can always relocate them later when they get taller.

5) A large washable rug

Kids are clumsy and they slip on wet floors. Prevent nasty spills after a fun bath by adding a washable and large rug to the bathroom floor. This one is nice, but you can always check out kitchen rugs, like this one, since they are also built to withstand lots of moisture.

6) Sliding organizers for the vanity

Some bathroom vanities come with spacious drawers, but if you have a vanity that has two doors and no organization system at all, try these sliding organizers. They are designed to work around the plumbing that’s hidden in the vanity and will help you hide away bathroom essentials.

7) A nightlight for late-night potty calls

The dark is scary, make it a more pleasant experience for your kids to go to the potty at nighttime. A great idea is to add rope lighting under the bathroom vanity.

8) A special spot for toothbrushes and toothpaste

This is a really cool idea to designate a special spot for your kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste, which are items they use twice a day. Here’s another one that includes a towel hook as well.

Do you have any other ideas for decorating a kids bathroom? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. “Changeable decor”, I agree kids grow so fast and so do there taste. I also agree the more storage the better.