A Virtual Penny For Your Thoughts…

I have a scheme budding in my brain, and I would like your opinion. 
 I will try to explain how this scheme works into what I am planning to do on Thursday.  
But first I wonder,
 what you think of stained glass? 
Love it or leave it?
Would it be something you replaced if you bought a new house?
Now I must say I am NOT talking about Bambi living eternally in my stained glass window, 
or even cheesy flowers prints from the 80’s.  What I like is more of the geometric designs, 
without the “riot of colors” name that movie (love it).  
This is the image that got me thinking about stained glass, it is from Young House Love.
I like a few of these images that I found at www.stainedglassandmore.com, not necessarily the colors, 
but you get the picture right?  Good.  I am glad we understand each other!
 I love this pattern, but the clear glass won’t work for what I am thinking of.
I love Celtic knots lately.  They make me want to do a jig by a big pot of gold,… 
or maybe it is the big pot of gold that makes me want to do a jig, either way!
I think I might actually be able to make this one, for real.
I admit, I have two nature scenes that I really like,
 the one above and then there is this below:
So, what are your opinions?
Love it, Hate it? 
Like this style but not that?

Tell me what you think!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
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  1. >I like it, not love but like. Mind you, I DO love the more less is more types like in your first aND THIRD picture ♥Sort of art deco type, that I do love.
    My late uncle was a stained glass artist. He made church windows for a living and lamps etc as a hobby before they started their restaurant in Canada

  2. >I love it when it matches the period of the house and it's original. Especially if it's craftsmen. If it's just something that a previous owner had added to give their house some character and it looks gaudy, then I'd probably remove it.

  3. >Love it … especially the first image! I collect old stained glass windows, mainly the English ones from the early 20th century. In fact, the logo for my business came from an old stained glass window that hangs in my office. A crayon rubbing, scanner, and a bit of photoshop … and, voila!

  4. >I like the Celtic Knot one, but I agree with some color. Is there a way you can do a mock up, maybe with some colored cellophane or something to see if it would look good where you want to put it?

  5. >I love the clear glass one. I'd love it even more with colors. MY favorite though is the first nature scene. It's beautiful.

  6. >Love stained glass I have had an idea to put in windows that really do not lead to an outside wall it is a wall that leads into the garage. Was going to start looking for two matching stained glass pictures then cut into sheet rock and back light it so it appears that the light is natural. But after seeing the top picture maybe I should just look for one and center it in the wall instead.

  7. >I absolutely LOVE stained glass, and always wished for a home with a great big stained glass front door, or a cool window with it. Some pieces are so gorgeous, just breathtaking! I have some small (12" or under) hanging pieces like "Sun catcher" style, in shapes I like, that were handmade, a crescent moon, wild heart, etc…so YES I would keep any that I was lucky enough to have in my new home 🙂 xoxo

  8. >I love stained glass. I wish the window in our shower [guest bath] was stained glass!

    I am like you. I don't like the cheesy-retro flowers.. etc. I like the kind of the first picture you showed. As far as the other pics I really like the style of the 2nd one and the ones with the tree's are really neat and very pretty!

  9. >Some I love, some I just like, and some I HATE. It really depends on the style, the color, the design, etc. It also has to "go" with the surrounding design of the home.

  10. >I really like the simple, colored squares. I like some of the patterns too in clear glass.

  11. >I love it, I even love the 80's stuff because some of the pieces you find had some real workmanship put into them. Would I decorate my house with it? Probably not, it wouldn't fit our tastes, but I love seeing it in other peoples homes!

  12. >That last image of the fall-coloured trees makes my heart SING! I adore it!! The original craftsman style windows that were made with real lead I can appreciate and I probably wouldn't replace them. The more modern ones with the super bright colours though I think I would avoid. There's my penny's worth! 🙂

  13. >I have to admit that I'm a leave it girl. Just can't get into it. Seem 1970s to me… and not in a good way.

  14. >I myself have some yucky glass front cabinets and have been debating if I could make some stained glass to go in them…I like the one that kinda looks like a quilt..Can't wait to see what you do.

  15. >I think like all art, it just depends on the individual piece of stained glass. I created a transom above the doorway in our kitchen so that I could have a custom stained glass piece made for it (still not done yet!). And I've been awestruck by stained glass in old homes and churches so I guess I'm a lover not a hater!

    Kat 🙂