Crystal Valentine’s Day Decor Hearts!

Thought this would be a fun repost back from a few years ago when no one was reading my blog!

These are the coolest! Like Totally! Sorry the valley girl in me just slipped out…
Anyway, I saw this idea on The Cupcake Cuppy,
she saw it somewhere else, thus is the blog hopping world turns.
I realized I had to try this one out, and the possibilities are endless.  I am in love with this craft!  It was a little messy and took a while, and I still haven’t cleaned out the crystals from my pan yet so… Oh well.
Crystal Hearts
Borax (3T per cup of water)
Pipe cleaners- Any color you want
Pencil or dowel etc.
Food coloring optional,- but this didn’t really work for me, I may not have put enough?!
Like I was saying the possibilities are endless, and my Christmas bone is itching to use this idea,
but we still have about 318 days til that is even a possibility!
As for the kiddos helping, they really could make any shapes they wanted.  Also I think this is a fun science project for kids, but you will have to look up why this happens… sorry bout that, I am too busy crafting!  And if I explained it to Etta, I am sure she wouldn’t care at this point.
You likey?
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    1. Actually Liz, they don’t really store… they lose their “crystal-ness” after a little while… I am not sure how long they last but when I opened them a year later they were all clouded! (I might have to check getting it wet… we’ll see!)

  1. Please make a BIG note that borax isn’t to play with – these look lovely but children and pregnant women shouldn’t be making these without wearing gloves etc. Borax is used as a pesticide and is fairly toxic. (see and for information). Certainly not to be used as a decoration on cakes etc which some pple may be tempted to do with Valentine’s Day coming up etc.
    Lovely and very pretty, however!

  2. You don’t mention how much mix to use (ratio of mix and water).
    Could you please explain. THANKS! I love your blog btw!!!

    1. Hey Christy,

      The “recipe” is actually right next to the list of supplies, next to Borax it says 3 Tbsp per every 1 cup of water… so depending on how many cups of water you use, you will need 3 Tbsp per each… does that make sense? Good Luck!