Silver Painted Pumpkins, Halloween Decor Ideas

Over at Nice Girl Notes she made some beautiful silver painted pumpkins, that I absolutely had to share because who doesn’t love fall and Halloween?  
The Pottery Barn catalog is like crack.  No, like an abusive boyfriend.  (I told you I was bad at metaphors.)
I love Pottery Barn, but it doesn’t love me back.  I legitimately get angry if they bump me off their mailing list for going longer than three months without purchasing something. It’s simultaneously sad and pathetic. I sing their praises, but they’re not perfect. Their prices and shipping costs can be cruel and bitter.  (Oh, but I do love the words “Out for delivery,” don’t you?  I love you, UPS.  I do!)
I made this Pottery Barn Kids knockoff, but wanted to try something from the Big Kids store.  Fall’s coming, and I’m faced with a decorating predicament.  I’m a creature of habit.  My entire house is bathed in lattes, browns, whites, reds, and blues.  I’m predictable.  And patriotic, apparently.  Fall is full of orange.  Full of it.  Orange pumpkins, orange leaves, orange candy corn, orange Oompa Loompa faces.  Orange doesn’t fit here.
I was surfing the PB site, and I fell in love with these:
They’re $24 a piece, but they’re actually pretty small.  At six inches in diameter, you’d probably have to buy the three as a set.  One small, solitary pumpkin would seem a little disjointed in my living room.  So, I thought I’d try to copy it.
1)  Acquire some pumpkins.  The orange and white ones are foam.  The other two are ceramic.
2)  Spray paint the acquired pumpkins.  I did a coat of white paint first, to act as a blank canvas for the good stuff.  Better already.
3) Spray a coat of silver paint.  I actually did this while the white paint was still wet.  I wanted the white paint to “move around” a little bit and give the pumpkins some texture.  It worked, I think, although it’s hard to tell from these pictures.  My original plan was to cover them with silver foil leaf to add a little depth, but I liked them so much that I skipped that step.
I’m actually digging silver these days.  When we first bought our home, I was all about the oil-rubbed bronze.  But, I think silver looks so fresh and bright.  And I especially like it with white.  So I played around with some ideas.
Like them?  Materials for making six silver pumpkins totaled at $10.  Three at Pottery Barn cost $72.  I win this match, PB.  I win.
Oh, did you catch that hurricane candle holder accompanying my blingy pumpkins?  That’s another Pottery Barn Knockoff.  Check it out here. 😀
It’s still very much summer here, so I’m packing these decorations until… um, when?  Where’s the Emily Post of decorating etiquette?  I’ll at least wait until Labor Day to put fall stuff out.  I think.
How lovely those silver painted pumpkins look!
  Very classy!  What do you think?
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  1. >These look REALLY good! I love that you left the leaves on them. Your other decorations are really pretty too!

  2. >This is a project I can't wait to do. You are very clever . It must feel good to win against the big guys. Please stop by my brand new blog and follow it if you get a chance.I am new to blogging and really enjoying myself.Thanks again!

  3. >That's awesome! You really did win this round 🙂 I LOVE fall decorations!

    I wanted to stop by and thank you so much for featuring our cottage remodel on your site! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but we are currently finishing our house from 1889 so we can move in this week, so I've hardly had time to be online. I'll definitely be by to link back up once we have before and after pics of our 1889 Victorian. It's hard to believe, but it was in even worse condition than the garage 🙂 Again, thanks so much for the feature!

    Ten Talents

  4. >i think the painted pumpkins look SO elegant and soothing. altho i love oranges and greens and all the fall colors, this gives it such a new and interesting dimension. love it and LOVE the filler u chose for ur hurricane vases. very pretty

  5. >I am totally digging those pumpkins.. Silver spray paint is sooooo addictive.. I would have thought the paint might have sort of eaten up the foam.. but I guess not? I'm heading to the dollar store for punkins this weekend.

  6. >Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments! And Cassity, thank you so much for featuring me!

    – I think the foam didn't eat them because they were already coated in orange/white paint. 🙂

    – I was a little concerned that the cinnamon sticks in the hurricane look a little like mini cigars or something. 😛


  7. >How absolutely wonderful! I love, love love your silver pumpkins.

    Now I'm off to the store to buy spray paint!

    Kudos on a job well done.