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First things first…can we just all agree that as long as it ends up as the dumping ground for all things “muddy” it can be declared a “Mudroom“?
Although, considering I live in the Pacific NW, any room in my house could technically be considered the Mudroom! Nonetheless, I am so grateful for this space which holds most of the mud. It is also our laundry room and is the first actual laundry room I ever had. My previous ones included a space in the garage in our first home and a little closet with bi-fold doors in the family room of our last house.
Our current Mud/Laundry room is just down the hallway off of our entry and leads to the garage.
It is also the ONLY room which we didn’t paint when we moved in.
Why? Don’t ask me! The only reason I can come up with is that I wasn’t totally sure what color I would want and then it ended up being so challenging to tackle considering how often we are in and out of this room every day. But, with the New Year came New Resolve to get ‘er done!
So, for your viewing pleasure and without further ado, here are a couple of Before photos:
Thankfully, this room gave me lots to work with. Great storage and I have always loved the color of the cabinets in this soft, muddy green. Slate floors are perfect for a room that sees so much traffic.
And having a sink in here is like the icing on the cake.
But, it was pretty blah.


Not any more!!!Welcome to my newly improved Mudroom!


I am very proud to say that I did 99.9% of this project myself! Painting (soft, pale yellow), installing chair rail, installing bead board and more painting.

And, I just love it!

As you can see in the below pics, I already had the sweet little bench with baskets to store the Rascals shoes.
But the fresh paint and bead board make such a huge difference!

The Bead Board Bulletin Board (say that 5 times fast!) was completed last September but the fresh paint and extra touches just make it feel new all over again!

010-1             DSC_0573-2

It always amazes me how a simple can of Spray Paint can make such a huge difference!
In order to keep costs down I gave the existing faucet several coats in an Oiled Bronze.
Now, for the “laundry” side of the room. Yes, I know, our washer and dryer are ancient.
But they just won’t break! A girl can hope right? Winking smile


Here is another angle which is coming in from the garage.


Simple Oiled Bronze hooks take the place of one crooked, rickety coat rack.


The bench cushions were merely flipped over for a fresh new look!


The biggest challenge in this space (and where I needed my sweet hubby’s help the most…love ya honey!) was this rounded corner wall you see below. It became the proverbial trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
The problem was solved when I found little trim molding which was curved on the inside and fit  perfectly along the edges.Oh, and A LOT of caulk was used too!
I just couldn’t bring myself to buy all new cabinet hardware…


…so they received a few coats of Oiled Bronze spray paint too!


I also knew I wanted a chalkboard in here (and yes, I am the last person on the planet to make a chalkboard!) but I was really trying to keep this a low-budget project.
So, I dug around under our bed and along with a bunch of dust bunnies I found this old framed painting.


Popped out the glass and the “painting” and gave the frame a nice new chippy finish. A scrap of wood from the garage cut to size and a few coats of Chalkboard paint finished it off!
Ok! Ok!! Don’t all yell at me at once! I do realize that my scrap piece of wood had too much grain showing in it which then came through on the chalkboard but give a girl some credit for trying, huh?!!
This soft roman-shade-ish window treatment was made using leftover fabric from my daughter’s room.


Sweet little vintage prints found in a second-hand store bring in some character.
And I framed this painting which used to hang on the wall of my Great-Grandmother’s home.
Now I see it every day when I leave the house and I love the connection it gives me to her. She made the best biscuits EVER! And Heather and I used to play outside in her front yard and make mud pies which we would then try to sell to our unsuspecting but totally indulging family members!
There is a picture of us doing that somewhere…hmmm..
The colors of this rug are just perfect in here and hide everything!


My favorite little bucket had some life added to it by way of a Begonia and I couldn’t resist bringing in a touch of Valentine’s Day in here with this little caddy filled with goodies.
Well, there you have it folks, my completed Mudroom Makeover.Time to bring back the “stuff” of life so that this room can get to work!
Until next time, thanks so much for joining me at the Fence!
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  1. You can paint faucets????? Who KNEW!!!! How smart are YOU!!!

    My fav’s (besides painting the faucet & knobs)…. the new hooks, the beadboard, and the memo board. Guess I like it all!


    Seriously…. genius….painting the faucet!!!

  2. It looks great! What is the specific name of the Oiled Bronze product that you used? Any tips for using it?

    1. Hi Tammie! Thank you so much! I used Valspar’s Metallic spray paint in Oiled Bronze. I recommend giving your faucet a really good sanding and then even using a spray primer before you add the oiled bronze. I would also give it a good 2-3 coats! 🙂

  3. This is such a gorgeous room now! Perfect from top-to-bottom. Love all the details and the crisp, fresh colors. What a great place to do laundry and so functional as a mud room. Lucky, lucky girl!!

  4. My favorite chalkboards I’ve made have been using the glass from the picture frame. Just make sure the glass is clea, spray with a couple coats of spray chalkboard paint, and waa-lah!, smooth, lovely chalkboard! Place back into original frame and hang.

  5. Great job! Did you know you can use chalkboard paint on glass? I did it with a paned window menu board and it turned out great. If you try it, make sure you prime it first and use several coats of chalkboard paint. Good luck!

  6. Thank you for posting this! I have an awkward mudroom and you have multiple ideas that have inspired me! My question though is, where would you put shoes? Right now, my family piles them all on the floor in front of the utility sink and kiddy corner to the washer and dryer. Help, please? 🙂

    1. Hi Gina,
      This post is from a guest a few years ago, but if you want to message us over on Facebook with a photo of your space, we’d love to post and get some ideas for you from our awesome followers!