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Megan at Honey Were Home linked up last week.  She loves reading and decided to do some decorating with colored books to make things more fun and interesting to look at.

See full size imageMy husband and I both love reading, and accordingly, have amassed quite a collection of books over the years.  We made sure when designing our new house to have lots of built-in bookcases to house all of our books.  When we moved, I swear most of our boxes were filled with books.  I am definitely a “real book” reader- haven’t even tried the Kimble or whatever its called because I just love the feel of a book in my hand and, when I read in bed, I just prefer holding an actual book and turning the pages.  Old-fashioned? Probably, but I like it that way. 
And I love decorating with books.  You can tell a lot by a person by the books they read.  In my house, you would guess I’m into God/religion/spirituality, decor, parenting/babies, fashion, and cooking.  My husband’s books are all about business, law, and history. 
I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration for decorating with books from blogland and I especially love those “rainbow” bookshelves and wanted to try my hand at it.  I’m pretty familiar with my books, so I’m sure I won’t have any trouble locating them even though they aren’t categorized by subject. 
Here’s my rainbow bookshelf in the upstairs hallway.  All I did was group the books into rainbow order by their spines and then arrange them on the shelf.   I reworked it a couple of times, and ended up with this:

basket, book, James, walls, J bath 001
basket, book, James, walls, J bath 002
Here’s the close up:
basket, book, James, walls, J bath 007   basket, book, James, walls, J bath 004  basket, book, James, walls, J bath 006
Here are a few other places in my home that I’ve used books as decor. 
Living Room
Living Room July 2010 009
 Books 001
  Books 007
James’ Nursery
 Books 023
  Books 025 Books 026
  Here are some of my inspiration images:
color-bookshelf- Brooklyn Limestone
*Flicker via Chotda
Eccentric Scholar via Apartment Therapy
 malenecharles- Design Sponge christinemartinez- Design Sponge 
*Malene Charles & Christine Martinez (both via Design Sponge)
*Erin Gates former home.  Elements of Style                
kellydoust1- Design Sponge atlshowhouse_thumb1
*Kelly Doust via Design Sponge      
Leah Richardson
                 *David Jimenez
Picture_1- J Crew*J Crew
*First image via science blogs.

That’s a lot of books.  I love the way the decorating with colored books turned out! 
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  1. >I had a built in bookshelf in my old house several years ago, and did this. I found that white blue and orange books outnumbered every other color. I was hard pressed for yellow and purple books. Looks like you don't have that problem.

  2. >Thank you so very much for featuring my rainbow bookshelf on your blog! I am over-the-moon excited! And Crystal- I found that a lot of my spiritual books were purple. A lot of business books are black or red, interesting huh?