Alohomora, it’s like magic.

A few years ago a magazine called me for an interview.  The question?  What apps and technology did I use in my home to make my life easier…


I mean, I don’t clean my laundry on a rock by the river… thankfully. I do have a washing machine, a working dishwasher and refrigerator, but otherwise, my technology usage was literally nothing in my home.  Yes, I had in iphone, but I just didn’t really use it for my home.  I think the interviewer felt bad for me.  At the end of the call she sent me a phone activated lighting system and thus began my journey into the 21st century.   Nowadays, we have quite a few apps that function to organize our lives and home.  So, I can honestly tell you it is NICE!  I cannot tell you how convenient it is to have the control over your home from a push of an app (even while on vacation).  

So, when Kwikset asked if I’d like to try the Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Smart Lock, I was really excited.  I can wholeheartedly say that we are finally into the smart technology and were excited to see how it could bring convenience and peace of mind to our family.


The Kevo 2nd Generation Smart Lock can be purchased online or any big hardware stores.  It was a breeze to install and was working within minutes after the installation.  Check out the video 

The cool part is, unlike your normal set of new locks, the Kevo has multiple options for unlocking the door. You can lock it with a traditional key, phone app, and the touch of a finger to the deadbolt with a Bluetooth-enabled key fob or smart phone in your pocket. Which one would you be most excited about?  Me personally, I’m excited to leave my key-fob in my pocket and whisper “Alohomora” at the door, then touch the lock, and open like magic.  Take that Harry Potter!  

In other great news, our phones (that are always in our purse or pocket)  just became a key!!!   There are two ways to use your phone as a key.  The first is just leave it in your purse or pocket and just touch the deadbolt and it will unlock*.  Or you can open the app on your phone and just tap the icon to unlock.  There is also a history that is stored on the app.  So if you are not sure that the door got locked you can check the app and see the status of the lock, if you are not in that room. You can even be in a different room in your house, and still lock the door if you are within Bluetooth range.

If you have kids in school, there is a lot of coming and going, the kids can pin a key-fob in their backpacks and have only to touch the lock to get inside.  So your kids will now have an easy way to get in and out of the house with ease and still keep your home safely locked.

Kevo 2nd Gen is also great if you have a house keeper, house sitter, dog walker, or babysitter that needs access to the home.  You can send them an eKey in the app, and set parameters for when the key will work. For example, the house keepers key will only work on Tuesdays from 9-3. You can revoke the keys at anytime by using the app. 

But how do you know if it is locked or unlocked?  You can check the app and it will tell you also if you are looking at the deadbolt itself, the lights help tell you what the lock is doing.  You can also hear it when it is locking. The lock lights up blue when thinking, green when unlocked and orange when locked.kwikset-kevo-review-remodelaholic-8768

I also like the way the lock looks, it is sleek and pretty.

Do you want to try one?  We have a giveaway going on today!  One lucky winner will receive a Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Smart Lock.

Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Smart Lock



So what do you think, do you think you will try this lock for yourself?  

*Thank you to Kwikset for allowing us to try out this amazing lock, we love it.  All opinions are our own.  

As a note, Upon the public release of iOS 10 GM (Gold Master)*, Kwikset was informed of a bug that limits Touch-to-Open functionality on Apple devices running iOS 10.   Currently, Touch-to-Open technology will only work if your Kevo app is open and visible on the phone screen when you touch to lock or unlock the Kevo smart lock. If the Kevo app is not open and visible, the lock will not lock or unlock. Kwikset is working closely with Apple to support a solution that will restore Kevo Touch-to-Open functionality as quickly as possible.  Kwikset is confident that no other Kevo features or your lock’s security are affected by iOS 10. Interaction with the key fob and the Kevo app on Android devices are not impacted by this bug. 

Alohomora! Feel like a wizard every time you open your door WITHOUT THE KEY with the new Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Smart Lock. Setup is easy and straightforward, and then you can just touch-to-open with your phone/app or key fob in your pocket. You can also use a key code in the app or a traditional key. Enter to win your own on! #sponsored


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