Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Pantry Organization

In the spirit of getting the New Year off to a fresh start in our homes, we’re going to be sharing some ideas for organizing spaces without spending a ton of money.  This month in our Home Sweet Home on a Budget, we’re going to be taking a look a places in our homes that maybe–tell me it’s not just me–need a little extra attention from the Organization Fairy.  Closets, cupboards, toys….you know what I’m talking about!   Today’s focus is on pantries.

Pantry Organization!

Organized Pantry Pin Pic

I know a lot of people who don’t have pantry storage in their kitchens and desperately want it.  I also know a lot of other people who do have pantries and who simply don’t know what to do with that space.  There’s good news for all of you.  You can fake the extra storage space a pantry would give you by using the storage you do have in creative ways.  And, you can use inexpensive materials to use the pantry space you have efficiently.

Let’s take a look at how other bloggers have done it: 

House of Smiths tiny pantry

Small but mighty, this pantry works hard and looks amazing at House of Smiths.

 Faith Trust Pixie Dust pantry makeover

This pantry got pretty with stencils and organized with Ikea containers at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust.

 Social Home labeled pantry

In a pantry featured at Social Home, clear containers and cute labels make everything easy to find.

 Peas and Crayons recycled containers

Peas and Crayons upcycled glass bottles to keep the pantry neat and organized.

 House of Smiths thrifted storage

Many of the storage containers in this pretty pantry at House Smiths were thrifted.

 Social Home cupboard organization

Social Home shows us that even a small cupboard can make a great pantry space when it is well organized.

 Sunnyside Up pantry baskets

Something as simple as a couple of baskets can make a big difference in creating order inside a pantry, like these at Sunnyside Up.

 Tatertots & Jello pennant pantry

At Tatertots & Jello, a fresh coat of paint and some pennant decals make it fun to open the pantry door.

 Tattered & Inked reorganized pantry

Great reorganization inspiration from Tattered & Inked.

 Dimples & Tangles ricrac trim

Love the ric-rac trim on the shelves in this pantry at Dimples & Tangles.

 One Perfect Room curtained shelves

I think it’s a terrific idea to cover up some of the lower shelves with curtains, like these at One Perfect Room.

 Decor Chick rotating corners

Decor Chick installed carousel shelves in the corner of her pantry, and they really add to the functionality of the space.

Have you spent time on pantry organization or for your kitchen, lately?  Do you have any tips to share with us?  Do you have any other organization projects you are working on to kick off 2013?  


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  1. Oh how I wish I could do something like this. I can’t imagine the cost associated with this type of update. I would have to buy SO many containers because we keep our pantry full to the brim. But one thing I am going to do this year is to replace those horrible, unreliable “dust free shelves” with wood shelves. I can’t wait for that one! Thanks for sharing, this gave me a ton of ideas and inspiration. 🙂

    1. i was able to purchase mason jars in half gallon quart and pint sizes. ($45) I labeled the tops of the jars with a sharpie ($1). I bought a solid oak entertainment center for ($100) off Craig’s list. I sorted everything into pills of like kind. Put all the flour sugar ect in the mason jars and now I have a pantry in the entertainment center on the wall in the dinning are of my 800 square foot apartment. It’s beautiful and very functional and it only cost $150total! You can do it!

  2. I think all of these look great. I have always loved the pretty little labels that so many bloggers use in their pantries! It’s a project I really have to get on sometime in 2013. The thing I don’t get though? How do they keep them so neat and organized when a lot of those canisters don’t look like they would hold a full bag of flour? Where’s the rest of the bag hidden? Or – am I the only one that buys the biggest bag I can find?

    1. That is why my pantry looks like a mess, I actually keep food storage, not just one tiny bottle! But it is really fun to dream! and get some great ideas… maybe someday!

    2. My grandmother was a huge baker and cook. She always had a stocked pantry but nothing as cute as the ones pictured here. She would buy her flour and sugar in bulk since they were her main staples. When I was a child, we had a man that came door to door and sold potato chips and pretzels. After they were empty, she used them to store her flour and sugar. Now I know that a vintage tin like this would be rusty and probably not fit for foodstuffs, but maybe there is a way to line them and use them anyway. It would be a nice way to store these items that need larger containers.