Beach Cottage Bedroom Makeover!


Check out how absolutely heavenly this beach house bedroom turned out! I love the blue, lavender and green accents. I wish I had a room like this to take a blissful nap in after a visit to the beach!


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Hi there! I’m Rita Joy. After spending all my growing up years on the {beautiful} prairies of Montana, I now have to pinch myself when I look out my window and see the Pacific Ocean. I blog about my ordinary life as a wife and mom of 3 boys at our beach house home {Harbour Breeze}. I absolutely love living in our old history-filled home, and have been “lovin’ it up” one project at a time. Working within a tight budget has helped me discover the joy of dreaming outside the box and thinking of solutions to design problems – utilizing items I already have.

My latest decorating adventure was our Master Bedroom:

The other day I told you I had a spurt of decor inspiration as I was cleaning our bedroom.  Actually, I’ve been contemplating it for quite a while, but cleaning day just helped spur me on.  For those who have never seen before, this was what our bedroom looked like when we moved in {You can see more pictures here}:

dark bedroom

A little over a year ago, it had a splash of {magical} White Down paint.  I loved its brightness, but it needed a little love…

beach bedroom before

So, let me introduce our new Beach Cottage Bedroom…:

{Can I just say?  I {Heart} It.!!}

My goal was  to use things that I already had.  I “hunted my house” ~ a new terminology I just heard ~ and repurposed, rearranged and reimagined what I already had.  The first big change was the white bedspread.  It’s actually the underside of a handmade quilt.  It’s so beautiful, even though it was meant to lay the other way around {It’s a bit busy, though…}.

Extra {clean, but flat} bed pillows that were taking up precious storage space were recycled into new throw pillow forms.  Scraps from my fabric stash became a  new set of decor pillowsthat give a pop of color. {My favourites are those aqua linen ones…}


The headboard and nightstand were given some fresh paint, and ferns from the yard were turned intobotanical prints.

The chippy white chairwas moved to make a more stylish bedside table. {And I finally got my white lampshade repaired!}

bedside table vignette

White dishware, clear glass, shells, {accessories hiding in my cupboards} and fresh flowers from the yard line the shelves.


My goals in this makeover were three-fold:

  • a fresh, new look
  • as quick as possible {I thought I could do this in a day…  It took a little longer than that!}
  • for  little to no money {I ended up spending $6.00 on 6 picture frames for the ferns.  I just couldn’t figure out how to make them with what I already had…}

Next week I’ll be back with tutorials on the nightstand, headboard, pillows, and botanical prints.


Thanks for stopping by and letting me give you a mini-tour.  It’s not every day I show  guests our bedroom… {Perhaps it doesn’t look like this all the time??!}

P.S.  I forgot to tell you about one thing…The bed ruffle.  I wanted something “soft and dreamy” looking.

You are going to laugh yourself silly when I tell you what it is…  More about it later.


Here are even more beautiful beach themed rooms!! Be sure to check them out!

beach-kitchen-renovation 5Casual-beach-house-themed-living-room-before-and-after-interior-design (13)living room makeover 058 copy-1

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