Creating Organization and Storage With Beautiful Built-In Cabinets

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What are you currently working on? Any fun projects to ring in spring? Or current remodels? We love to see your talents at work! Show us your before and afters! You can email us photos at, or by sending them here. We love to see the things that you create! Today we are talking about Creating Organization and Storage With Beautiful Built-In Cabinets.

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Home Tour: Custom Timeless and Traditional Home Style
Home Tour Custom Timeless And Traditional Home Style

Simple DIY Wooden Storage Chest Plans + An Easy Plywood Storage Box with Geometric Inlay
Simple DIY Wooden Storage Chest Plans An Easy Plywood Storage Box With Geometric Inlay

Personalized Easter Bunny Printable Set for Easy Spring Decorating
Personalized Easter Bunny Printable Set For Easy Spring Decorating

Friday Favorites: All Things Doors
Friday Favorite All Things Doors

Adding Curb Appeal: Colorful Spring Porch Update
Adding Curb Appeal Colorful Spring Porch Update

What’s New on YouTube

Cassity and Justin are sharing their Front Porch Makeover with Painted Front Door and Spring Decor! It’s a gorgeous facelift, and as always, I am a visual person and I love to see the projects taking place! They share their tips and tricks for painting a door during cold weather and what type of paint they used plus how to put it on! Check it out and tell us if you are thinking of giving your door a makeover!

If you love watching projects be made before you begin, check out our library of video tutorials! You can view all of our available video tutorials and our next new project. Get notifications when new ones are published by subscribing now! Give us a thumbs up to let us know you liked it!

Remodelaholic Spotlights

One of my favorite secret storage projects is this stylish coat rack! It’s a great DIY project where you can Build A Wall Coat Rack With Hooks and Hidden Storage. Nobody will ever know about the storage, and it’s the perfect spot to keep the essentials you always need to grab before running out the door!
Build A Wall Coat Rack With Hooks And Hidden Storage

The laundry room is an important room to keep organized because you have to use it! A unorganized laundry room can make the chore of laundry a lot more difficult than it has to be! Check out How to Hang Pegbpard for Perfect Laundry Room Storage and organization!
How To Hang Pegbpard For Perfect Laundry Room Storage

One room that I am constantly trying to organize and clean is our playroom! I am in love with this Playroom Makeover With Built-In Cabinets for Storage! It not only gives everything a place but it hides the toys and makes the room look less cluttered and oh so clean!
Playroom Makeover With Built In Cabinets For Storage

Another great way to provide your home with additional sotrage and organization is with a kitchen island if you don’t already have one! We love this prokect where Lisa from 2Perfection Decor turned an Upcycled Vintage Desk into Kitchen Island! It turned out so lovely and looks fabulous in their kitchen! Definitely giving them more counter space, storage, and organization. Check it out to see how she did it!

Upcycled Vintage Desk Into Kitchen Island With Storage

We hope you have a wonderful week!
We can’t wait to see what you are working on! Don’t forget to send us a photo here of your latest DIY project!

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