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Hello there! I’m Dawn, from Designing Dawn, back again this month with another mood board for your decoration inspiration. A while back, I put together a mood board based on Mid Century Modern style, and I really enjoyed the fun and challenge of focusing on one specific design style. I thought that this month, I’d revisit that idea, this time focusing on another favorite design style of mine, Art Deco.

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Art Deco design first emerged in the 1920s, and was influenced by the attitude of excess at the time. Think Great Gatsby style with rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and ornate detailing. Art Deco evolved from the earlier Art Nouveau style that it is sometimes confused with, however it features less curvy, and more geometric patterns, as the style of the times was embracing progress in technology and machinery. This meant a movement away from the asymmetrical and organic shapes of Art Nouveau, and towards more structured symmetrical and rectilinear motifs. Art Deco style is known for luxury and glamor, and is chaaracterized by geometric forms, symmetrical patterns, modern materials, and vivid colors.

For my mood board this month, I decided to create an Art Deco Dining Room space, and found some beautiful inspiration photos to help me get started:

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With all that gorgeous inspiration in mind, I set out to create a glamorous dining space that captured the feeling of a 1920’s Art Deco interior, with a bit of an updated spin.

Call back the 1920's with a classically beautiful Art Deco style dining room - favorite decor pieces + tips for giving the style a modern touch

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Decorating an Art Deco Dining Room

What I love about this style is that it’s so timeless that it can just as easily be incorporated into a home today as it could in the 20’s or 30’s when the style was first popular. With geometric shapes, rich colors and fabrics, and a feeling of luxury, it’s hard to go wrong. Here are my tips on getting a beautiful Art Deco look in your own space:

• Start with symmetry – During the Art Deco period, the organic shapes of earlier styles fell out of fashion in favor of more precise, symmetrical shapes. Look for pieces with exaggerated symmetry, such as the lamps above, or the table with a unique radiating wood pattern, and arrange furniture and artwork in a balanced way so that no side of the room feels more cluttered or heavy than another.

• Look for geometric shapes – You may have thought you lost your love of geometry back in tenth grade math class, but Art Deco inspired pieces favor strong geometrical shapes that will make you want to rekindle that flame. Whether it’s the exaggerated curved backs of the chairs and chandelier, the precise roundness of the table, the fanned triangles of the lamps, or the stacked rectangles of the buffet and mirror, the pieces collected above all have one thing in common… geometry.

Let your art shine – It may be obvious from the name that during the Art Deco era, ART was emphasized. Displaying bold paintings and sculptures, as well as beautifully detailed furniture, is one way to instantly add a little Art Deco style to your space.

• Go bold with color – High contrast color palettes were prominent in the 1920’s and 30’s and are a great way to get a Deco feeling in your own space. In the room above, I chose to modernize the space with aqua tones, but kept the contrast up with warm woods and black accents.

• Add some sparkle – Finally, Art Deco style was all about glamor, luxury, and excess. Add a touch of that elegance to your space with mirrored finishes, rich fabrics, and metallic accents. Instant Art Deco appeal!

I hope you enjoyed my Art Deco dining room design and found some inspiring tips! You can see all my Remodelaholic mood boards by clicking here. I’d also love to have you visit me over at my blog, Designing Dawn, and I hope to see you back here next month for another inspiration mood board!


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  1. Hi, Dawn–

    I love your Art Deco rooms and ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you know some good sources for Art Deco furniture, either vintage or current made in the Art Deco style? Furniture, mirrors, lighting, etc.

    Thanks, Sherrill