Beautiful Before and After Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful Before and After Bathroom Renovation
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We did a lot of work in here! We {or I should say J} replaced the flooring, added bead-board to the walls, installed a new vanity, subway tiled the shower, and obviously painted. I love the difference in here. The tiling of the floor and shower simply make me smile:) One of the best surprises in our house was in the bathroom. The wall to the right when you walk in seemed like a waste of space to us, so we wanted to tear the wall down and build shelving. When we got the initial layers of the wall down we found a GREAT surprise! There was already a huge pantry style cabinet in there! It was seriously dirty but in amazing condition! Why anyone would ever cover over extra storage space in a bathroom is beyond me, but it worked out great for us.

When we first moved in
My inspiration for the high bead-board
Oh the joys of painting!
I’ll explain the glue on the wall later
There were 3 layers of flooring
Some hot guy pulling out the vanity
Installing the rad floor
The shower and floor finally finished

The only photo I could find that shows the secret cabinet

Final product 
Subway tiling in shower
The floors and trim

The glue on the wall was from previous bead-board we had put up. Initially we thought we were just going to paint and put up bead-board, no other renovations, because we simply didn’t have time. We put up pre-cut 4×4 squares, and the seam line was horrible. We thought we were having a housewarming that week, so we just left it. Instead, I got super sick and had to cancel the party the day of {big bummer} but that meant that we had more time to fix it! Hooray! We tore down the 4×4 squares and instead used 4×8, which lead to no more seam showing! All in all the bathroom really only took about two weekends to finish. Even though the main projects are done in the bathroom, the room still bothers me for a couple of reasons. When we got married we got these beautiful brown towels and bath mats, they are great quality, but now our bathroom is black and white..thats an issue! Also, it has been near impossible to find a shower curtain we both love, so for the time being, shower liner it is. All in all though, I love the new look.

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  1. >Looks great. I totally think you can mix the brown with the black and white, just add other black accents. Maybe you could have the towel embroidered with your monogram in black thread? Or, find an accent that has black and brown in it, which I think is actually a great color combination. Just a thought…

    Have a great day,

  2. >The bathroom remodel looks amazing! My husband and I are about to remodel ours and we were looking for ideas. I love the high beadboard and the subway tile. I'm excited to see the other remodel projects on this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. >Oh, my goodness!! I have this same pic as an inspiration pic and have gotten my bathroom all ripped up. I am wondering what kind/color grout did you use…it looks gray?

  4. >Beautiful! Love the beadboard and now you've got me thinking about my one and only bathroom (a real dungeon!)!

    Just one thing… next time you take a picture of a bathroom, make sure the toilet lid is down. Seeing it up is, well, kinda icky :-p

    Other than that, great job!!