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Sofa Round Up by Postbox Designs E-Design

Hi Friends! It is Kristin from Postbox Designs, I’m an interior designer that thinks about design 24.7. Which makes it perfect that I get to hang out with you guys and share a monthly Mood Board EXCLUSIVE  just to you! I’ll share a secret with you: sometimes I use this post to work through my own design problems. Recently I spent WAY too many late night hours searching for the “perfect” sofa throw pillow, just to end up grumpy and overwhelmed. So I thought some of you might be struggling with the same issue. A sofa (and the throw pillows you choose for it) are the foundation of your Living Room space.

So just for y’all I created this Round-up of 8 Gorgeous Sofas for Any Style or Budget

(and I included two more BONUS Round-Ups below as well).

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Beautiful Sofas for All Styles and Budgets @Remodelaholic | budget-friendly home decorating | designer look for less

Want to snag one for yourself? Just click on the link below and buy:

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

But not every sofa works for every person, so I broke it down a little more for you:

If You Have Kids or Pets: Try #3, #4, #5, #8

I love how this leather sofa is incorporated into a light & airy Living Room:

Sofa Round Up by Postbox Designs

Plum Pretty Sugar

I like #3 for kiddos or pets because this Pottery Barn sofa has a slipcover that you can throw into the washing machine anytime your child wants to do their craft project on it. I have had this sofa for over a decade (with three kids + 3 dogs) and it’s been a lifesaver.

Not into slipcovers? #4 is a great number for kids and pets as well. It comes in at a great price (which seems to take the stress off a bit) and the leather finish makes it easy to wipe clean. Plus brown in the color of dirt….just saying. The same leather concept works with sofa #8.

I’m a big fan of #5 for kids because of this gorgeous deep blue color that is going to hide A LOT. Nothing is child proof (I’ve tried), but this is going to cover a multitude of sins. If you have a dark haired pet this will also work great. Light haired pet? Maybe not!

If You are Tight on Space: Try #2, #7

If you think YOU have a tight space, check out how this small sofa was used in an actual “Tiny Home”:

Sofa Round Up by Postbox Designs

Home DIT

If you have a small room, #2 is a petite size that packs a lot of design punch. Even though it has a small footprint, the high back and beautiful tufting makes it a focal point of any room. For a completely different reason, if you tight on space, #7 doubles up as a sleeper sofa if you don’t have an extra bedroom for those guests.

If You are On a Budget: Try #1, #4, #5, #6

Here is Sofa #1 styled up in a Boho Chic look-doesn’t it look like a million bucks? Good thing it costs a whole lot less:

Sofa Round Up by Postbox Designs

World Market

Everyone is at a different stage of life, and not everyone can (or wants) to drop a few thousand dollars on a sofa. Maybe you are just starting out on life, or when you have small children you don’t always want to invest in super expensive pieces. Or maybe you just have other priorities. No worries, these sofa are gorgeous AND budget friendly.

But I’m going to take it one step further for you! You have the sofa…but now what? A plain sofa is like dressing up for a night on the town with no jewelry. I created this Killer Pillow Combo Round-Up over on my site Postbox Designs

Sofa Round Up + Pillow Combinations by Postbox Designs

For each combo I used a simple formula of:

whimsical + small pattern + large pattern

Feel free to mix and match, or use the combinations I came up with. Check it out HERE!

And one last resource to help you out…the age old question, how many pillows? I love a good throw pillow so I’m tempted to load up on eye candy, but too many is just a pain. At my house they all end up on the floor anyways.

So I created this Style Guide of 3 Ways to Style a Sofa

Sofa Round Up + Sofa Styling Guide by Postbox Designs E-Desig

If you love Boho Chic, Cottage Casual or Modern Farmhouse you are in luck. So again….get inspired or literally copy these looks for your own! Find this Guide (with the Shopping List) right HERE.

With these three Round-Ups, you have the trifecta of Sofa Decorating Power (is that a thing?). So go ahead and make those Living Rooms extra pretty today!

If you heart home design too, you can find a steady stream of design freebies and Postbox Designs Room Makeover Reveals on Facebook or Instagram. Or let me do all of the work for you…just jump over to my Pinterest and snag the ideas I have pinned away for every room of your home.

A huge thanks to Cassity and the whole Remodelaholic staff for letting me hang with y’all today!


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  1. Agree with the recommendations of sofas for kids and pets. Brown leather is king with kiddos. Right now the trend is for sleeker, smaller sofas, like loveseats, chair – beds, and two seats sofas. I personally prefer sleeker, elegant pieces, like the Barcelona Loveseat.