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This great girls room redo is from Erin at Perfect Sentiment.  Enjoy!

The progress is a little slow in the kids’ rooms. My husband’s work has kept him busy, so I’ve been going at it alone thus far. So far these are the things I’ve accomplished:
-moved the twin bed into my son’s room and have had 3 out of 3 successful nights and 1 out of two successful naps. This was the part I was dreading, so I’m totally thrilled with how this is going.
-Purchased “reflecting pool” by Sherwin Williams for my daughter’s room and have painted all of a swatch on the wall. The baseboards were not looking so great, so I decided to caulk and still need to repaint those. This put us a bit behind, but I’m thinking the painting maybehopefullymight get done this weekend.
-fabrics for little accents are picked out and purchased. The first project with this is done! Check out the fabric covered magnetic bulletin board for little gal’s room:

I was inspired by my friend Tonya’s magnetic art board diy and decided to go for it with a pretty, vintage frame my sis-in-law gave me. While it wasn’t the smoothest of projects for me, it was fairly swift and I love how it turned out.
First I got all my supplies ready: metal sheet, tin snips, spray paint, hot glue, scissors, craft paper, fabric. Then I spray painted the frame (forgot to get a true before picture):
The oval shape of the frame was stumping me as to how I was going to get the metal to fit, so I made a pattern from craft paper. I then traced that onto the metal with a marker:
I was careful to cut on the inside of my line (per Tonya’s instructions):
I was not, however, so careful with the sharp edges!
After I bandaged my hand, I ironed and cut the fabric (handpicked out by the 7-year-old… It has some sparkle to it that doesn’t quite show through.) and hot-glued it to the back of the metal oval (I’m no fabric connoisseur, so I’m hoping this is sufficient):
Last I secured it in the frame with its existing hardware. I think I’m going to put a few nails in the back to be sure it holds for the long haul. Voila!
Now on the the rest of the room!

It’s finally finished (aside from still needing/wanting to recover a chair)!

Her room has looked somewhat the same since we transformed our extra bedroom into a nursery over seven years ago in anticipation for our first baby. It was pink and light green and vintage-y sweet. Here’s the room we decorated for her when she was born. Her crib was on the opposite wall with matching bedding. I loved this room:

Well, she’s 7 years old now and oh-so-cool. Pink is her least favoritecolor and turquoise reigns as #1 now. She wanted nothing more than to have turquoise walls. We made a compromise, with me agreeing to a color as dark as I was willing to go and her relenting to as light as she would be happy with. We settled on Sherwin Williams’ Reflecting Pool. I have to say that even though it still shocks me a little when I walk past her doorway, it’s growing on me. And she’s thrilled, so that makes it a bit easier to love. (Like the color? Definitely check out this blog: House of Turquoise.)
I won the letters on I heart handmade from this talented lady. I am so impressed with them and think that add so much to her room!
Here’s her little reading corner:

We’ve corralled all of her tchotchkes in photo boxes and bins and found a home for her growing rock collection in some glass jars. I already shared with you about the bulletin board. The chair is just draped with fabric, but I plan to recover it soon. (Ha! I’ve had this chair for abt 10 years after we picked it up at a garage sale for $20. It’s been on the to-reupholster list for as long. Hubby is happy to have the “turd” out of our family room. Too much info?!). The shelf is from a garage sale as well and the corner shelf, formerly pink, was a baby shower gift from my sister.
This is my favorite part of the room:
The armoire was in her room prior, but was a peachy-pink color. I had plans to distress it, but the little gal just really didn’t want that to happen. She was happy with the 3(!) coats of white paint, so we left it at that. The frames are filled with little friend quotes (More on that soon) .
It’s also her favorite part of the room, only for a different reason:

She loves the $2.50 mirrors we got in the dorm section at Walmart. We hung them on the inside of the armoire, near her karaoke-style cd player. She personalized them with stickers, spelling things like “rock and roll” and “QT” (seriously. at seven?), and now spends many an afternoon singing her heart out while gazing at her reflection. It would be scary if it weren’t so darn cute.
So that’s that. It’s done and I’m happy with how it turned out. Most of the things you see in her room resided there before. The bedding, pink lamp, and little b&w frames were purchased new at Target. The throw pillows were a steal at Ross ($3.99, 4.99 and 5.99!). And all the fabric came from Joann’s. I didn’t total it all up, but I should because I think I’d impress myself!
(here are the instructions for 
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  1. >WOW that is SUCH a fun room! I love how all the colors just pop and everything is so vibrant.

  2. >Don't ya just love that feeling when a project is completed! If you are like me you gaze at the room every time you walk by…or sometimes I make a trip to the room to specifically stand and stare at my handiwork. Ahhhhh….

  3. >So cute. My daughter just turned 7 and I can appreciate how turquoise is the new Pink. Her room was pink and that just 'had to go'! HA Now she's got a gorgeous turquoise color with HSM vinyl wall decals..because she hearts those movies! I love what you did with the reading corner. Very fun 🙂

  4. >What a beautiful little girl's room!! The blue is glorious and everything is so grown up, yet not too much. Great job!!