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Amanda @ The Hand Me Down House found a nice attractive way to leave notes, but not on a white board.

If I could paint a picture for you — you’ll be able to see why this next project was so important to do — well, sort of:  I grab my purse and head out the door to run some errands.  I turn right back around and get my reusable grocery shopping bags.  I get out the door again, and get in the car.  Then back in the house I go because I forgot my shopping list and coupons.  One more time….I leave.  Do you know what I forgot this time?  I needed some water in the car.  Seriously — it is not that rare for me to go in and out of the house two to three times.  It’s just plain sad.

So I saw these really cute whiteboards over at Keeping it Simple (BTW – she has a SUPER fun link party every week too).  Well how perfect would these be??  I could hang it right on the door going to the garage and have a checklist of what I need to bring with me to the store, errands, wherever I’m going!

So last week while I was out thrifting with my Bestie, Becca at One Girl, One Beautiful World I was keeping my eyes peeled for the PERFECT frame that I could makeover.  Well of course I found it — otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. 🙂

First step was to disassemble the frame and take out the glass, matting and beautiful flower picture (yikes!!).  I spray-painted the frame black.  Then I covered the back and matting with some fabric I had picked up at Joanne’s.  My fabric was a little on the thin side, so I doubled the fabric when I placed it.

I took my all-powerful hot glue gun and glued my fabric down (I’m sure you could staple it if you wanted to, too).

The only other thing that I did before I put the frame back together was I put two little swirls of store-bought adhesive vinyl on the fabric (that way it’s not going to get in the way of writing on the whiteboard and you can’t accidentally erase them).  See?

I reassembled the frame and glued a ribbon to the back so I could hang it.  

 So since my board is on a door I wanted to really secure it, otherwise it could go flying all over the place when people go in and out of the garage.  I used the 3M Command Hooks to secure the bottom and sides to the door and I also used a Fancy Command Hook I had to hang my ribbon from.  And check out this coupon if you want to get any for yourself!  I think it works pretty well- it hasn’t gone flying off the door….yet.

And that’s it!  Not hard — and I’m really excited to use it (although so far it’s just been used for people to leave me strange messages).   

This is a pretty way to make reminder notes.  

What do you think?
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  1. >I love this idea. I've been looking at whiteboards to post notes for my kids plus chores on, but they're either ugly or really expensive. I want one for each kid (6), so this will be a neat way to do it. Any problems with cleaning it off? Do you use windex or will that make the markers not work as well?