Amazing Hutch Transformation!!

Hutch Makeover step by step2

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Amazing Hutch Transformation!!
My friend gave me her grandmother’s lovely dining room hutch several months ago, and I was so excited to give this gem a sweet makeover. Here is the BEFORE:
2 dining-room-hutch-before
And I am CRAZY about the AFTER:
3 dining-room-hutch-makeover
I just love her and stop and look at her all of the time. :) I am thrilled with how it all turned out.
So, let’s chat about how I transformed the hutch into this lovely piece of furniture. First though, I want to give a shout out to my friend Brooke at All Things Thrifty for her awesome Spray Painting 101 tips. I highly recommend checking it out. The girl is a spray painting pro. There is a short video on there to show the correct technique for spray painting that was very helpful and a great resource.
4 spray-paint-supplies
Supplies for painting my dining room hutch:
  • Primer: I used a dark reddish-brown primer because I wanted to paint the hutch red
  • I used Rustoleum Colonial Red spray paint in glossy for the entire hutch
  • For the hardware, I used Rustoleum Hammered Iron spray paint
  • painters tape
  • newspaper/paper to cover glass (I also used tinfoil to get all of the curves covered, because tinfoil bends!)
  • sanding block
  • cleaning cloths

5 spray-paint-handle

I would also recommend purchasing a spray paint handle. It makes it easier to control your spray and saves your pointer finger from painful death. :) They are like $2 at the hardware store and worth every penny.
To begin this transformation, I cleaned the hutch, removed the hardware and doors, and taped off the windows. I lightly sanded the hutch but kept some of the dings and scratches. I thought it gave it some character. :) I primed the hutch with 2 coats of the brown primer.
6 dining-room-hutch-primed
7 dining-room-hutch-primed2
After the primer, I started in on the Colonial Red spray paint, spraying light and even strokes until the entire hutch was painted. I did about 3 full coats of red, letting it dry completely in between each coat of paint. Once the hutch was completely dry, I re-installed the doors and drawer.
Another tip: to remove any over spray from the glass, just use a straight-edge razor and it will scrape right off!
8 dining-room-hutch-painted
9 dining-room-hutch-painted2
Already I was happy with the transformation, but I knew I wanted some of those decorative details to pop more, and I wanted to tone down the bright red color a little bit as well. So I decided to use a glaze.
10 glazecan
Supplies for glazing furniture:
  • Glaze: my sweet sister-in-law let me use her glaze, it was a blackish brownish tint. I did not even use very much of it, a little goes a long way.
  • paint brush
  • damp cloths
  • gloves to protect your hands (I used those latex ones saved from when I worked as a nurse)
Brooke over at All Things Thrifty also has an awesome Glazing Furniture 101 tutorial that was helpful. I was scared, to be honest. I’ve never glazed anything before and nearly had to be convinced to do it by my sister-in-law. :)
I started with my primed and painted hutch.
11 dining-room-hutch-painted3
Then I painted on the glaze with a paint brush, getting into the nooks and crannies. After this I took a damp cloth and wiped off the excess glaze, leaving some of the glaze in the cracks to make the details come alive. :) I also added a little bit on the flat parts to give it more dimension.
12 glaze
It took a little bit of practice to get the hang of it, honestly. But once I figured it out, I really liked the effect of the glaze. Hooray for glaze! I conquered my fear! :) The great thing is if you mess up with the glaze, just repaint the original color and try again.
Okay, are you still with me? We’re almost done!
I was REALLY happy once my hubby and I brought the hutch into the house after the glazing was finished.  I added the newly spray painted hardware (yes, I added the drawer pulls on upside down but I did it on purpose because I liked it!). But I still needed to work on the inside of the hutch.
13 dining-room-hutch-glazed
I decided to cover the back of the inside of the hutch with fabric. I found some great fabric at Hobby Lobby, cut it to size, and used a spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the wood.
14 lattice-fabric
I liked this sort of quatrefoil look of the fabric. It was a thicker cotton, so it covered well.
15 spray-adhesive
The spray adhesive was simple to use and worked very well. I sprayed in patches and smoothed out the fabric a little bit at a time to remove any lumps and bumps.
16 dining-room-hutch-fabric
I LOVE the difference that fabric makes in the overall design!! Then I added the shelves back in, cleaned the glass, and jumped up and down with joy! :)
Here are some more before and after detail shots:
17 dining-room-hutch-before1
18 dining-room-hutch-makeover2 19 dining-room-hutch-before2 20dining-room-hutch-makeover3 21 dining-room-hutch-makeover3 22 dining-room-hutch-makeover7 23 dining-room-hutch-makeover6 24 dining-room-hutch-makeover4
And one more time, the overall BEFORE and AFTER:
25dining-room-hutch-before 26 dining-room-hutch-makeover
I ended up using 2 cans of primer and 5 cans of Colonial Red spray paint, and not quite half a can of the Hammered Iron paint for this project.  I used a small amount of the glaze and about 1 yard of fabric for the inside of the hutch. Not too shabby! It’s amazing what a little bit of paint and a bit of work can do.
I love the curves and details, the color, the contrast of the black and white fabric, the glaze, everything everything everything!!! Now I can’t wait to fill the hutch with cute things and then start on another furniture makeover!

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  1. >Your hutch turned out beautifully!! I love the red! I am so glad you did not paint it white as so many do in blogland!

  2. >I L.O.V.E. it…I've seen a some great hutches painted out in blog land, and this is one of the best, I love the fabric too….I want to do this to a hutch for a child's room….I just need a child first HAHA!

  3. >I have a bedroom chest of drawers this exact style, feet and hardware. Now you've given me the courage to tackle painting it. The china cabinet looks Fabulous!

  4. >This is beautiful. I never would have seen the beauty in the original piece. The fabric backing really makes it pop. Thanks for sharing!

  5. >I love your professional job on the hutch it's beautiful! I have painted lots of furniture too but I havve always brushed the paint on or rolled it. Thanks for sharing the number of cans of paint you used. Next time I'm spraying too looks much easier. I guess I really should invest in a sprayer so I can continue to use my favorite shade of White~ ~Cottage White by Behr. Love the yellow undertones.

  6. >I love the colour. I am very happy that trends have moved away from matching woods all the time. This is perfect for a statement in any kitchen.