Blue Room; Retro Remodel

This week we are showing you the other upstairs bedroom.  It was in much worse shape than the yellow room, but surprisingly was the cleanest room in the house!  (or at least it felt like that!)

This was the room we moved into at first, when we were basically camping out, ripping out all the layers that were on the house.

Here are the before pictures, actually, the pics are mid removal.  Since we were staying in this room, we forgot to take original pictures, but i think you will get the idea really fast of what it looked like.

The little old lady we bought the house from was so in love with the room.  She called it here flower room and she loved the wall paper and carpet.  But all good things must come to an end, and the wallpaper had seen it’s day…  But I did feel a little sorry for her as we pulled down the three layers of wall covering (even though she has never seen it again…).
My mom (in red) and my Aunt Linda came to help us!  They worked so hard! Thanks!
How is that picture for Christmas spirit?  Don’t you want to break out in Rudolf the Red Nosed Remodeler…   We were sooooo dirty!  The dirt was literally pouring through the cracks as we ripped off the layers, as you can see in the background, that is, if you can see past my nose!
Here you can see the second layer of wall paper.  Below that was a whole layer of fabric that had been tacked on all over the place.
To say that I resent the picture above is an understatement.  Mostly because I did ALL the wall scrubbing which took about 3 hours!  and my arms were sore for DAYS!  But of course I said, oh we should take a picture of this, and he was in the picture.  I know, get over it!  Okay, FINE!  but seriously those walls were SO disgusting!  I cannot even tell you how bad they were.
After the walls were clean I caulked all the cracks, and I swear I am surprised I still have finger prints!  My fingers were hashed!
So, like I said before, the fabric was tacked in place, and we had also ripped out some old paneling, so there were a lot of holes, we did a lot of patching.  At first we used wood filler, since it was solid wood, but that turned out to be a nightmare.  It never sanded smoothly, not to mention this was definitely lead based paint, so we opted for plaster which was so much easier and safer.
Then we started painting. First all the trim, doors, drawers, and ceilings.
Then the walls.
We installed the bi fold closet door.  I would totally do it differently today.
I would make matching doors to the existing door and hang them properly.
I had to throw this picture of Justin in cause he looks like such a baby!
(in a cute young way! not that I think we are old now btw)
Here is the final room.  This really was the easiest room in the house, we did it once and that was it done!
Here is the compiled image:
Next week, The Living Room.
Also see the Yellow Room and the Bathroom.
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  1. >cute room.
    but i'm really here to say how cute your mom and aunt linda are! and how sweet it was for them to help out. hooray family.
    p.s. your aunt linda has adorable paula deen hair. <3

  2. >The contrast of that blue against the white makes that room pop! It's a good family that will come and help with the dirty jobs! 🙂
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  3. >That picture is so like our upstairs rooms — slanting ceilings, wasted space under the eves, etc. We just put wallpaper over the walls when we moved in because it was so bad, but you gave me courage to do something different. Love the beaded board — going to try that on the walls going upstairs. Thanks for the encouragement!