Build a Cabinet Over the Fridge

Remodelaholic readers it’s Jaime from That’s My Letter  here today to share a DIY build project.  I’ll show you how to build a cabinet over the fridge with a door to create storage and hide the mess!

over fridge cabinet title

This project is a prime example of why I have such a passion for DIY.  You buy an old house with a built in spot for a refrigerator, of course the original fridge is long gone and the new fridge doesn’t exactly fit the space and you’re left with a huge gaping black hole of an abyss above the fridge.

over fridge cabinet before after

In the before picture you can see I temporarily filled the giant hole with a DIY hardware cloth basket from our old house, functional but not great.  The solution: a box with a door!  Yes you can build this and make it work for your fridge space.

over fridge cabinet 2

The only real item to take into consideration are those pesky door hinge covers that peek up above the fridge.  I’ll show you how to work around those covers down below.  Do keep in mind that your refrigerator needs to ‘breathe’ so be sure to allow for some space on all sides of your cabinet.

over fridge cabinet interior 1

And what’s inside the cabinet?  Trays and baskets of course and room for more!  Really you could store anything in there now that it’s completely out of sight.

How to Build a Cabinet for Over the Fridge Storage

over fridge cabinet dimensions

Start with your dimensions: width x height x depth.  Build a box using 3/4″ plywood following the diagram above.  I used my Kreg jig but you could just as easily countersink 2″ screws since everything will be hidden.  Attach 1/4″ plywood backing cut to fit width x height.

over fridge cabinet trim dimensions

Add a piece of 1×2 pine board trim centered bottom front.   Be sure to subtract the width of both door hinge covers.  I did countersink and screw this piece from the front because it will support the door hinges and I wanted a firm, secure attachment.  Paint the box before you place it above the fridge.  (I did make my husband pull the fridge out in order to slide the box in place.)

over fridge cabinet door dimensions

Now make the door panel using 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ poplar boards and 1/4″ plywood.  Just glue and use finish nails to attach poplar moulding.

over fridge cabinet door construction

The width of the door needs to be 3/4″ in order to sit flush with the 1×2 trim piece already attached to bottom of box.  Paint the door before attaching to cabinet box.

over fridge cabinet hardware

Hardware: 2 – 2 1/2″ hinges, 2 magnetic closures, 2 hardware pulls (source here).

over fridge cabinet hinges

Attach hinges to bottom edge of door frame about 5″ from edges.

over fridge cabinet hinges 1

Hold the door in place and mark where the hinges rest.  Predrill holes down into cabinet trim then attach door with hinges.

over fridge cabinet intertior 2

Install 2 magnetic closures flush to top of box interior about 6″ from edge.  This will ensure the cabinet door never ‘falls’ open unnecessarily.

over fridge cabinet pull

Finally attach the hardware pulls.  These pulls happen to match the rest of the pulls in on our kitchen cabinets.  Here you can see a 1/8″ gap between the door and trim where the hinges lie – you could inset the hinges into the door frame with a little planing but I’m okay with the gap.

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red dresser makeover

In place of hardware I used leather strips and the original screws inserted backwards to make pulls.

Now go get building and painting, DIY rocks!

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Build an over-the-fridge cabinet! Tutorial from That's My Letter for #diy #spacesaver #storage


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  1. Always love the builds! This one adds a new dimension to the frig area… makes it look like closed eyes (handles on the storage), nose (frig door handles) and slightly smiling mouth (the drawer on the frig. Another added benefit!

  2. I have the exact same fridge with the exact same space above it! I swear it was taken in my house! Thanks so much for the inspiration… that cabinet above is an excellent idea! Susan

  3. I have a cabinet similar to yours that was installed before we moved in. May I ask why you put the hinges on the bottom instead of the side or top? That is one thing that bothers me about our cabinet is that I am just too short to see / reach what is in it and with the door opening downward, it makes it worse. So I just leave it empty.

  4. A friendly word of advice, closing off that opening will severely limit the refrigerator’s ability to cool the motor. This can lead to reduced efficiently and a burnt out motor/condenser. Check to see if you have a model designed to be enclosed, this type is less common but will be designed to function properly with minimal air flow.