Get This Look: Calm Gray and White Bedroom

When you need to relax and unwind, a beautiful, organized, and comfortable master bedroom is the perfect space. With the demands of life, though, the master is often the last bedroom that gets the decorating attention! Learn how to transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary with a few small tips, inspired by this lovely and calm gray and white bedroom. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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How to Design a Calming Gray and White Bedroom

1. Start at the Top

To keep the room calm without being asylum-white or boring, an exciting light fixture is a great place to start! And this inverted bowl pendant light is a double whammy: it adds both visual interest and texture to the room! You can try a DIY pendant to fit your style, or we love the style and texture this light fixture would add to any room!

2. Create Space… or the Illusion of It

We all have days where we feel like the walls are closing in on us, so creating a space that gives you the opposite sensation is important to help you relax! Use this faux crown molding trick to make the ceiling feel taller and the room larger — and it works even if you don’t have existing crown molding!

3. Color Creates Calm

Even if you love bright colors, using calming neutrals helps ground the room and set the mood. This light bluish gray is beautiful! Check out this post for our favorite gray paint colors, or check out the paint palette archives for Cyndy’s paint picks and tips on choosing paint colors for your home.

4. Make It Comfortable

There are so many great styles of headboards to choose from — whether you buy one, DIY one, revamp or upcycle one — but for a master bedroom sanctuary, you’ll want to keep in mind the comfort of the room. An upholstered headboard is perfect for relaxing in bed — try this tutorial to DIY a gorgeous tufted headboard of your own!

5. Remember that Symmetry = Beauty

Even if you like to rock the design-rules boat, symmetry simply can’t be beat for beautiful and calm space! Setting up a symmetrical space and using groupings of 2s or 3s (like the pillows on the bed) is the most pleasing to the eye, naturally. Using decor items with simple silhouettes helps enhance the symmetry and simple beauty of an uncluttered space. For example, the lamps in the inspiration photo aren’t eye-catching, but they are beautiful and add to the smooth modern and calm mood of the room. For a similar look, we like this lamp or this one.

6. Add Accents

As we mentioned before, you want the room to calm your crazy days — but without looking like an all-white and sterile mental institution! Our inspiration room keeps is classic and inviting with a few dark accents (side tables and headboard) and plenty of lively textures! Top it off with a simple printed bolster pillow — and you can make your own pillow with a couple of ratty old towels, no sewing required! Just follow this tutorial from The Red Chair Blog.


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  1. Thank you for the reminder! I’m slowly (but surely) transforming our bedroom into a gray/blue/white serene space. It is definitely low on the priority list because we’re still working in so many other areas of our house….but it’s important!!